Want Social Change? Change Your Social! Web 3.0 Is Here - It's Time to Dump Reddit & The Rest!

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While billions of us habitually hook in to Facebook, Twitter and Reddit every day, reaching for a temporary fix of Dopamine and likely to get censored for saying the wrong combination of words - a growing number of people are creating a saner, alternative option!

Instead of enriching a few billionaires and subordinating their own free speech to mostly faceless Silicon Valley corporations, the people over at the Hive blockchain are doing things differently - very differently!


Ready For Social Change?

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result".

- Albert Einstein

It's so easy to fall into a trap of habitual behavior that leave us with less in our lives than we could or should have - less joy, less freedom, less growth and less empowerment. Many people have pointed out that they feel that the modern obsession with social media platforms often leaves us less connected, less ourselves and less happy than we once were. But is that a problem with social media in general? Or could it be that these problems stem more from the way that the most heavily used social media platforms are designed?

As it turns out, numerous studies and leaks from insiders have shown that Facebook and similar platforms have been carefully designed as tools to hook our brains into forming habits that keep us mindlessly using their 'services' over and over again, with the main goal being profit for the website operators!

Even worse, in addition to the massive ad revenues these sites generate, their real main source of income is selling data generated through monitoring people's private lives. So called 'Surveillance Capitalism' is one of the fastest growing 'industries' and amounts to little more than selling your private information for profit!

Even when we are aware of this and know it to be morally wrong, we still find ourselves mindlessly clicking away on news feeds that are 30% adverts and which continue to mine us of our vital time and energy. There IS an alternative - let's break free!

Decentralized, Blockchain Powered Social Media is NOT a Myth!

Not long after the world's first decentralized currency, Bitcoin, exploded onto the world stage, triggering the Web 3.0 revolution, intrepid inventors went straight to work to create elegant ways to apply decentralized thinking to social media.

In 2016 the first ever attempt at a decentralized social media network was launched. Steem, which has since evolved to become 'Hive', offers revolutionary features that blow the minds of many folks who have never wandered far beyond the fences of the Web 2.0 compounds that the Silicon Valley corporations guard so cautiously!

  • Free international financial transactions.
  • Financial rewards for upvotes on your comments/posts!
  • Accounts that cannot be deleted.
  • Posts that cannot be totally deleted by moderators, admins or anyone else.
  • An open source and publicly run/owned/built network that is impervious to outside control.
  • An easy to access development eco-system to allow anyone to create their own social websites powered by the Hive blockchain.
  • A wide array of existing projects, from video sharing sites to games, health tracking systems and beyond - all powered by Hive - all using the same one Hive account.

None of this is available in the world of Reddit, Facebook and Twitter - all of which are entirely based on controlling people instead of empowering them. Hive truly is years ahead of the old dinosaur tech of Silicon Valley...

So.. Why isn't Hive a household name?

"I Just Had A GREAT IDEA! Imagine Decentralized Social Media!? What Would It Look Like?!"

Virtually every few weeks for the last few years, you will find 'influencers' in the cryptocurrency space announce excitedly that they have had a dream, nay a vision - they are going to invent decentralized social media!

Despite the technology having been invented in 2016 and thoroughly battle tested since then, it seems that few people have realized that any of this has happened. One reason for this is that Hive doesn't have a marketing department, it's growth relies on a combination of word of mouth and the curiosity of internet explorers.

Another reason for this is that Hive is TOO DISRUPTIVE! You see, Hive isn't just a social network, it is proof that decentralization is extremely powerful and can dramatically improve the quality of life of large numbers of people. Hive does this far more naturally and enjoyably than centralized corporations can ever do. This is a death sentence for 'traditional' corporate systems and so, understandably, they don't want to tell you about Hive!

Remember those big name Wall St. bankers who were infamous for saying that Bitcoin was worthless and that they would never buy it - but who were secretly trading it all along? Well, 'Big Tech' and 'Big Media' are doing similar with decentralized social media projects. They know they can't really convince anyone that Web 3.0 social media is a bad idea, so instead they make sure never to mention it.

The result is that new users on Hive are often amazed at the opportunities that Hive offers, the diverse community and the fact that no-one they personally know has ever heard of Hive before!

"Why would I use Reddit, risk getting censored, banned and completely ignored - when I could use Hive and have none of those problems, plus even earn money in the process?"

This is the basic question that many new users of Hive ask themselves and then never want to leave!

Growing Hive Means Growing Our Own Future

On top of all of the great tech features, Hive has an advanced economic system behind the scenes too. Hive supports two crypto tokens, HIVE and HBD (Hive Backed Dollars).

HBD is 'pegged' to the US Dollar, meaning that it is meant to hold a value rougly equal to the value of the US Dollar at all times. Meanwhile, HIVE changes value according to market demands, so can be invested in and traded just like other crypto tokens.

As Hive users built their stacks of Hive tokens through gaining rewards and receiving gifts from the community, they are inspired to help the community grow more by bringing their friends and others into the network too. This 'network effect' creates a pressure on the price of Hive and over time leads to the token's value increasing.

So not only can members of the Hive community redirect the profits from their social media use away from billionaire tech company shareholders and towards their own pockets instead, they can also further grow their earnings by helping to expand the Hive community and by improving Hive in the ways that people find the most useful.

Now ask yourself this question:

Have you ever felt that you were part of a powerful community that could direct it's own destiny 100% when using Facebook, Twitter or Reddit? Have you ever even felt this way EVER in your life?

This is the feeling that Hive effortlessly gives all of it's community members who take the time to learn it's ways!

Join Hive Easily Here

If you'd like to try one of the many Hive powered websites yourself, you'll need your own Hive account which you can easily set up here. Several free options for account creation are available or alternatively you can pay a small fee for the benefit of anonymity and other cool features.

It is important to understand that Hive accounts require a small amount of crypto to be available in your wallet before you can transact on the network or post comments.

Some Hive powered sites will 'delegate' you the use of some Hive to get you going. For example, 3Speak will delegate you 15 Hive tokens, which is enough to keep you commenting and posting to Hive quite happily. If you decide Hive isn't for you, you can always sell any Hive tokens that you have via a cryptocurrency exchange and then leave!

Of course, we are confident that far from leaving us, you are much more likely to feel inspired to get involved in the exciting journey of helping the Hive community go to the next level of growth and creativity!


Credits: Thanks to @doze for the great Hive animation.


I love two concepts here:

  • the Man in the Mirror (MJ) concept: "if you wanna make the world, a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change". To change our surroundings, we must change our habits. Like Saint Francis also stated.
  • the idea of the ants, small but a lot, that can demolish big buildings. On Hive we are still the ants and growing with consistence we can compete with huge holdings. But in a decentralized way!

Thanks a lot for such content. Even if from some time ago, I really appreciated it!

i think word of mouth is so important. and it does happen, maybe a bit less than it used to.. i can remember years ago how many people would have onboarding tables in public areas and spread the word of Steem.. for some reason i dont see posts like that these days.. perhaps we need more time to recover from the fork..

also, i think its fair to say that even though word of mouth is the kickstarter to mass adoption, that the media in general are not yet blockchain friendly..and so it is VERY rare to see any positive mainstream news about any project that is not backed by a powerful rich centralised type figure..

i guess we just have to be patient and keep doing what we are doing. its still very early days for things.. but we are definitely headed in the right direction..

on a sidenot.. i noticed today Elon Musk bought a controlling stake in twitter.. that to me is amazing, incredible news (i know some people dont like or trust him). Elon is a radical supporter of free speech and i have read that there MAY be plans to try to decentalise twitter.. so that gives me confidence that there are some powerful people who are slowly getting us on the right track..

Perhaps part of the reason why people are are not enthusiastic about publicly promoting the network is, as you pointed to, that there is a concern about the stability of the system and people don't want to invite their friends to invest time that they might feel was wasted later. This is another way of saying that people maybe don't feel the benefits of decentralization as much as they need to in order to become highly enthusiastic.

Hive already has a base that can be used to create something that bypasses the mainstream media completely and still grow huge - it's not really like Ebay or even Amazon relied on mainstream media to grow big - they just focused on delivering their useful service to a high enough standard. The challenge here is that growing Hive isn't quite the same as selling books since the service is far more personal and the psychological issues and barriers are far more complicated.

that's true, we didn't need the media or even advertising to make amazon what it is.. they just had an amazing service, at competitive prices, and they sell pretty much everything so it's a simple one stop for all situation... very compelling..

I was thinking about it some more after reading a post i wrote a while back, called 'Hive is perfectly perfect just as it is'.. It started me thinking that IF Hive were to become a huge popular system that everyone used, it would by its very nature be centralised. regardless of the nature of the system itself. TOo big means too many problems, its just unavoidable from what ive seen..

Two years ago i implemented some great code (www.una.io) for a small local social network system for my local community.. back then i felt that the only sensible and decentralised way to have any social network would be to have many small ones.. each tailored to the people who used it, and the culture, and location.. That to me is what decentralisation is all about.. it has become clear to me that whenever we have a system that EVERYONE uses, it becomes a problem and those problems are unavoidable.. too big, almost by definition, means centralised in a way, no matter what the system is like or how it works.

Maybe that is why Hive is just perfect as it is..
I copy a short quote from that post as It sums up well my feelings on this. Food for thought perhaps!

What I am saying is, I love this place because it is, in my opinion,. perfectly perfect just how it is. If some genius makes another game that becomes a global phenomenon then you can be happy that your Hive will probably become very valuable... but in the meantime, i think it's really best if we just accept what we are, and learn to really enjoy it, because i love it! There’s a LOT of crazy people out there who are plugged into the mainstream veins.. and it's almost impossible to speak with them anymore. I think it would be a real loss to invite all that crap into what is now turning into our ONLY SAFE SPACE online where can all speak and share about anything we want. We already CANNOT do this anymore on any other websites, this place is the only place left that I know of that cannot be censored, and cannot be stopped.

I think that having multiple versions of Hive, especially for certain countries with very different languages is a good way to proceed. It makes more sense, and keeps our feeds and community relevant and connected. As im sure we have all realised by now, Hive is not a place to make a lot of money in the short term.. It is a long term project that can in future offer you incredible rewards, but we should not be focused on that... its much more fun to just engage, discover, and enjoy what we have. And so it is!

The massive networks at this point are not open source, so we are comparing apples and oranges by comparing them to Hive. As long as a network is open source and can be forked by anyone, it can only become as centralized as the community allows it to become. This is quite different to a system like Facebook, where there is no way to decentralize it, no matter how large it is.

Layer 2 projects on Hive have the capacity to deliver decentralization of every kind to niche communities, while still benefiting from the underlying Hive DNA.

Yes i fully agree with that.. lets not even attempt to compare us with fb omg! I think my sentiment here is the bigger things get the more problematic it becomes.. even just relating to something as soft fork gets progressively more scary as it threatens to bring down the whole system.. we had it happen once and steem went down for a whole week if i remeber correctly… thankfully we didnt have splinterlands or i think any layer 2 tokens operating then..

i think word of mouth is so important. and it does happen, maybe a bit less than it used to.

Very true. I've leveraged this to onboard over 100 users to Hive and I'm glad it pays off.

I keep trying to figure out how to recapture the utter electric enthusiasm of the early steemit days, and I honestly think the key lies in the encouragement of post engagement.

Did you know @merej99? She used to run comment challenges and contests, and it definitely caused people to spend time in their feeds reading posts. I'm sure she wasn't the only one. I've considered doing something like that myself since I made my way back in the fall, but I'm not really in a position to monetarily incentive it. (And I admit to not wanting a feeling of discouragement if it fell flat)

Just thinking out loud so to speak. There's nothing I would love more than to see this platform soar :) It really is an awesome premise that still hasn't garnered the interest and traffic it deserves.

The communication between Hive users is key to forming a community spirit, yes. In a sense, communication should be it's own reward and it is the passion of the people involved that provides the excitement and benefit for those involved. Really, this is also true for original posts too - so most likely the issue is not so much about a lack of financial incentive, but a lack of intention to form communities. Another issue is that the features provided to communities are not as complete as on competing social networks, so people will tend to go where their community needs are being met, even if they don't get financial rewards. The community rewards outweigh the financial rewards in many cases.

So you are on to something with the focus on engagement but maybe we need greater utility for communities rather than just throwing post rewards at the problem and hoping that people will be creative in their use of the platform in place of having the tools they need to create engaging experiences that help them achieve real world goals.

You're absolutely right. Even though the possibility of being rewarded for writing was what initially brought me to Steemit, it was most definitely the electric excitement of the community that kept me there, far above anything monetary. The friendships made were priceless.

Whatever it is that would inject that passion for one another, that's what we need :)

I had not read this post, it would really be excellent to take Hive to another level, imagine that wow it would be spectacular, the truth is that I have been on the platform for 5 years and what Hive has and everything is really promising, although sometimes we need more insentive to continue publishing hehehe and the truth is I am not complaining although I would love for more people to know my content and enjoy my Violin as much as I do, Thanks to Hive although few can believe it has helped me to buy my equipment to be able to to have better audio, better image when recording my videos and the best thing was I could buy my speaker to be able to play at events, a microphone for my Violin, in short, endless things that have helped me to continue with my dream, enjoy my violin, I hope I get much more support from some of Hive and so don't vote, comment and give your opinion on my content to continue improving every day. Thanks HIVE and thanks to those who vote for me every day hehehe greetings 😊

I have a couple ideas I would love to see on hive, sadly Im no programmer, I am trying to build my network and get to know the programmers on hive and the witnesses, hopefully I will meet the right person to bring these ideas to hive one day!



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I personally think we all have a role to play in promoting the hive brand through the many empowerment programs ongoing. But people are gradually getting to see hive s such. Thanks for bringing this up in promoting the hive blockchain.

Another very good article you wrote!
Many good arguments for Hive
and why you should turn your back on platforms like Facebook. 😎

I'm now 2 months on Hive and I feel better here,
than on any other platform before. 🙂

What I have noticed so far also very positive,
that here are not only consumers, but you find a bunch of makers who have visions and goals.

I think Hive will have a huge increase in new users this year. 📈
Because of the crises we are facing worldwide,
there will be a lot of people looking for alternatives. 💲

Keep up the good work and best regards 👍

Thankyou! We are glad you are enjoying your time on Hive and agree that, yes, the feeling of the community and space here is much more free and relaxed than the corporate mega sites.

Thank you for summing up clearly why hive and web 3.0 are the future of social media. A few months here and I can see the benefit of something that is decentralized and "community-owned" compared to centralized institutions. And I agree, we do lack marketing here and a great one can definitely boost community members who would of course invite their friends and fam over. My only suggestion for the blockchain is to develop perhaps a reward system for content that takes longer and more difficult to produce such as educational vids that require long hours, high skills and a team to produce. Maybe, a subscription or longer voting periods for such content.

That aside, this is, by far, my favorite social media platform 💖

The SPK network will pay rewards for each video forever, as far as we know. So you will no longer be limited to a 7 day payout window for posts/videos!

Oooh that's great! Thanks for the info @resonator 😁

@resonator do you develop/program also ?

You know, I used to check Facebook like 7-8 times a day. Now I check it every other day, an it has absolutely no appeal. The power of HIVE to change routine, eh?

I came to the blogging space via a game - I'm not really that into the game any more, but feeling absolutely invested in this blogging space!

Keep up the positive vibes!

That's great to hear - yes, community is so much more powerful than corporate mind tricks!

Hi @resonator - let me throw a wondering at you, that goes to the heart of on-boarding and community, and that goes to deep engagement and involvement in a community. I am a part of a number of communities, hang out in their discords etc - and love being part of the posting crew. However, at some point - there needs to be the opportunity to help out in the group in a more official capacity somehow - because I think solidifies engagement. I wonder as Hive grows, how do roles facilitate this?

Do you mean 'roles' in Discord? Or just roles in a more general sense?
There is a lot of scope for custom code to be created that connects Discord servers to Hive in new ways. The limits, really, are our imagination. For example, you could create a community in Hive and assign moderators, who then have moderator roles also created for them in a Discord server. If you have a community fund or your own layer 2 token, then bots can be coded to reward them or other people based on activity that happens in Discord or on Hive.

Not quite, but perhaps -
I guess where I'm getting at, is that as people come to Hive, some will want to stay in the mindset of a community member, whereas others will hope to take on a leadership role in the communities they've joined. The limited spaces in those leadership circles may ultimately lead to an issue - yes, they can start their own communities, but there can only be so many communities on the same topic.

Look, I dunno - it's just me throwing some ideas around in my mind and I don't know the answers, but it doesn't hurt to wonder occasionally. I could liken it to a school setting, where everyone wants to the School Captain - and, when people don't get those roles, they can very often become disgruntled or disengaged. It's a fine line sometimes.

I abandoned Facebook and Twitter long time ago. It was fun for a while, but censorship became unbearable for me. After some getting used to, Hive is way better. It might take some time, but I'm sure Hive's future is bright.

If you decide Hive isn't for you, you can always sell any Hive tokens that you have via a cryptocurrency exchange and then leave!

Very funny line. Hive is a gift many will realise late. Many people still search for web3 platforms. It's crazy as Hive already exists and is doing very well.

well said.
I have been closing MS social network account one by one. had them for years to promote my online business. all gone.
found my way to projects like Seeds and later here to Hive and loving it.
what do I need to do in 3Speak to get delegated ?
I now have an account and connected it to my hive account..
any idea ?
thank you.

Welcome! To get a delegation from 3Speak you need to have created the account via their own signup process - I don't think there's another way. I can see you already have some delegations though, so you don't really need their 15HP startup delegation in order to keep posting on Hive.

No, I do not need any, but I would still love having more so I do not have to wait that much to be able to reply, comment, vote and post.

Some Hive powered sites will 'delegate' you the use of some Hive to get you going.

I think, @leofinance delegates 10 hp to start with and they have the most easiest ways to onboard, using a phone or twitter even. I onboarded few friends that way. People are slowly realizing the truth - Centralized social media gave everything free, but when everything is free, then people are the product. HIVE is not very dissimilar in the way that we are the product, but if one can put a little money onto it, then the earning gets better from curation - which these centralized media do not have.

Hive also has GameFi, DeFi, NFT and other amazing .
I like Hive very much.
Have a great day.

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A priest was arrested at a church
He was convicted for mass murder.

Credit: reddit
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I think everyone who meets this platform leaves other social media platforms over time. This is how it happened to me and multiple acquaintances.

Moreover, I had a recipe page on my Instagram with over 4 thousand followers.
After coming here, I couldn't spare enough time for my page and I had to choose a place.
I think I chose the right place

Ever since I found Hive, I've been here mostly than any other place. I've been dropping other Web 2.0 platforms gradually starting with Facebook and Instagram so I'm now only active on Hive and Twitter. Should drop twitter soon tho. Hive is the future and the future is here.


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For me, one of the key differences between Hive and other social media platforms is the level of engagement that I get to experience here every day. I joined Hive as a means to get myself writing regularly again. I had been out of the writing loop for many months due to some shoulder injuries that I had sustained during lockdown and I wasn't ready to jump in the deep end and get back to the book I had started writing...so I figured if I joined a blogging platform that it would set me off on the right track, and I came across Hive quite fortuitously...and have not looked back.

I write for the joy of it, mostly short stories, poetry, some discursive essays, and some blogs. I engage because I love connecting with people and guess what?...on Hive... they engage back! I can share something in this space and complete strangers will respond and hold meaningful conversations with me...with a fair few of those strangers becoming friends over time. I can support the writings of others too and it brings me great joy to do so.

On Facebook, I can share a link to my post here on Hive and I may get one or two people giving me a silent thumbs up...and these are my nearest and dearest who mostly cannot be bothered to read, support, and engage. So like @lordtimoty, I probably check my Facebook account once every couple of days now... because for the most part, it no longer fulfills me in the same way that Hive does.

Hive does have its issues but I am less concerned with what I cannot directly control and more concerned with the continued existence of a creative space that I now call home.


@resonator! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @samsmith1971. (3/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

I love typing in Hive. I wonder if what we write is really unreadable. I spend more time on Hive than Facebook or other social networking sites. Writing here takes time and effort. I wish to continue. thank you for sharing

Hello my dear and new friend, I registered on hive by word of mouth and I immediately fell in love with it ... in addition to everything you wrote above I love hive for the quality of the people who are there! there are no uneducated people like on facebook or other sites! everyone here is nice and friendly. great post! heartfelt congratulations
good night

Many have been addicted to web2 solutions because of the ease of entry. This has been a problem with most decentralized web3 socialmedia. Hive also suffers this. It looks a bit complex for any non-tech savvy individual to have a smooth onboard without a help. This is the aspect we must carefully and creatively harness to provide web2 solutions in a decentralized way.

In addition, ignorance has ept many in the bounds of web 2 socialmedia. Glad I had the information four years ago and I moved. Using Facebook for me is to get friends out there to join us here while I use my Twitter to #POSH my Hive contents. Those apps are not important and can be easily replaced in my device.

We still have a huge work to do n terms of spreading the news about Hive and the powerful web3 socialmedia solution it offers. This would really make more sense from the stable of Communities.

This is the way!



Thanks for making this post. I will try to share this link on our tweets so people can understand what Hive Web 3.0 can offer

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people(@polish.hive) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

@resonator thanks for your support ❤️💕💯 my friend. Happy new month 🎉. More investment to come your way.

Well said, Hive has changed so many lives 🙌

It'd be great if there were more mainstream advertising for Hive Blog, such as spots on Youtube, Spotify, or even Twitter and Youtube. We could use those old web-2 platforms to onboard more people to web-3 where they can join other content creators and curators in making money off their online activity.

You’re right and I love finding these posts, because it’s rare to see them It’s true that social media isn’t as blockchain friendly but it will get better over time.
I just joined Hive and I’m really surprised by this wonderful community. A friend told me about Hive and I'm very grateful for showing me this new world of opportunity🔥

 2 years ago Reveal Comment

As with all such systems, the bigger stakeholders have nothing without the interest and energy of everyone else. One way to look at the situation is that it is less about the malicious intent of some large stakeholders, but more about the failure of the rest of the community to join forces to solve the problem.

 2 years ago Reveal Comment