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RE: MONOPOLY - WHO OWNS THE WORLD? Corporate Dictatorship. Exposes How Fatal Swine Flu Vaccine Was Pushed On The World Through Pharma Lies. (Documentary)

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You are welcome! Yes, it's a great collection. I have seen a lot of the information and videos before and wanted to collate them, but he has done a great job here. I think he will release more too.


I really hope he does. This was an amazing collection - as you stated. And while I've seen it all before, this is a great presentation and organization of all the same points that I've seen before.

This video proves that all boycotts are pointless- because the conglomerate owns it all and we can't help but feed one or another of their massive tentacles. Unless we stop playing their game altogether- and create our own new society, where people help people.. instead of people helping corporations.