MONOPOLY - WHO OWNS THE WORLD? Corporate Dictatorship. Exposes How Fatal Swine Flu Vaccine Was Pushed On The World Through Pharma Lies. (Documentary)

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This is a great documentary that concisely summarises and exposes that only 3 financial investment groups essentially now dominate every aspect of our lives. This immense centralisation of power makes it simple for corrupt 'science' and information to be pushed at us from almost every angle simultaneously.

One of the glaring risks and threats that exists within capitalist ideology is that singular entities can develop strategies and exploit weaknesses sufficiently that they literally control everything! We are very close to this manifesting and the evidence is all around.
As someone who has researched and exposed this subject for many years, even I was surprised to see just how far down this road we are - as evidenced by the corporate ownership that this new documentary by Tim Gielen.
Essentially, three investment groups own controlling interest of pretty much all of the large corporations that dominate pretty much all industries!

From mainstream media, to pharmaceuticals, to mining, to food, to banking, to just about everything else - a very small group of people now call the shots. This is essentially the plotline to a dystopian sci fi movie, but it is where we are for real, right now.

Is it such a surprise that crushing wealth gaps only continue when the 'predator class' runs governments? Such a group that are well known to have inter generational interests in Eugenics and essentially mass culling of human populations?

Particularly eye opening is the scene with Dr. Marc Van Ranst (the Belgian 'flu commissioner' essentially bragging in 2019 at Chatham House in the UK about how he had manipulated and lied to the public to get them to take the Swine Flu vaccines. The Swine flu vaccines were quickly recalled after 25 people died and the entire evidence for the 'pandemic' was exposed as fraud.

This documentary forms a significant part of what I wanted to put into my own documentary, so I am very glad to find it. Please watch, comment and share.

You can find numerous posts in my blog that back up what is presented in this documentary and in particular that demonstrate how this situation has seriously harmed human health during COVID19.

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Ura, you're always on the leading edge of topics I am following. This subject came up on No Agenda yesterday, the incestuous relationship with various councils, boards, private equity funds, etc. It seems that they have been planning this for a lot longer than we suspected as they are very far along in their New World Order. We have been kept at each other's throats, distracted by entertainment or just silenced while they Built Back Better.

I always thought that in the US, the Democrats & Republicans, inside & outside of politics, hated each other. That they were on separate teams competing against each other. Now we know they are all on the same boards together, etc. consolidating their wealth and power, Global Domination.

I don't think it's too late though. Decentralization across industries is the way, but it's going to be a hard fight.

I am greatly encouraged, and completely agree with you, most particularly that individual production of modern goods and services is the key to evolution of society beyond overlords, war, and slavery, and the possession of decentralized means of production, such as 3D printers, aquaponics, mesh networks, and cryptocurrency, are how humanity will break every bond and limit to deliver to our posterity the illimitable universe for their eternal enjoyment.

Our would be masters have paved for us the way to restoring the natural society humanity evolved to best thrive in, decentralized, egalitarian, and independent, by advancing technology through the necessary centralized phase of industry, and now we see that in all fields decentralization is the cutting edge of advance.

We have only to piggyback on the networks and industries they have concentrated in their walled gardens to break those walls and direct ourselves the delivery of the blessings of civilization to our peoples, that overlords would kill us all to keep for themselves. It is our many hands, backs, and voices working ourselves to produce our civilization that will outcompete their attempt to take it all for themselves.

An example of the fertile ground for piggybacking on are the various mesh networks oligarchs are creating via the IoT, LoRa, Low Energy Bluetooth, Zigbee, Thread, 802.15, RFID, and more, are being surreptitiously included in our light bulbs, cars, and coffee machines to surveil us and covertly deliver that data to centralized controllers via mesh networks outside internet routing. These networks, intended to corral us, will prove key to dissemination of censor proof speech.

We have only to use them to make them ours.

Rob Braxman Tech shares more:


Self reliance and determination is absolutely part of the solution. Unfortunately, when this happens to a significant degree, the psychopaths have often made moves to disrupt everyone, whether by war or other means. We need to both become self empowered but also wise to the extent of their manipulation, in sufficient numbers that their ploys cannot work.

When we understand that most people are only ever operating in the realm of effect and never reaching the realm of causation it is easier to understand why humanity is so stuck in cycles of abuse perpetration and suffering. I suggest studying behaviour patterns in communities of reptiles/lizards to see some of the characteristic brain dysfunctions that humans are suffering with, expressed in very clear ways - this is so called 'reptilian brain domination'. Many people's entire lives consist of little but attempts to compete, dominate and control others, in fact not just 'others' but these aims are actually projected onto all life. This explains some of why so many get involved in the evil pyramid systems that objectively damage life on Earth with the supposed benefits only ever being experienced by a tiny number of people.

The bottom line is that we are dealing with ancient, epidemic forms of psychopathy and heartlessness that have been so normalised that many people are unable to detect or feel them. You are right that the agendas are very old, in truth they predate humanity!

I also strongly suggest studying Carroll Quigley's work if you haven't already. It shows clearly, in academic detail, which families were behind the engineering of the fake democracies and what their goals are:

I have rarely been so riveted as by this video, which has encapsulated the kernel of fact from which all present free people contend, and all peril emanates. I have spent sleepless nights gathering information all pointing to the facts herein, and aimless days wandering in the forest contemplating their meaning, and potential solutions to our dilemma, and cannot adequately express my gratitude at finding my thoughts here so concisely and cogently stated.


You are welcome! Yes, it's a great collection. I have seen a lot of the information and videos before and wanted to collate them, but he has done a great job here. I think he will release more too.

I really hope he does. This was an amazing collection - as you stated. And while I've seen it all before, this is a great presentation and organization of all the same points that I've seen before.

This video proves that all boycotts are pointless- because the conglomerate owns it all and we can't help but feed one or another of their massive tentacles. Unless we stop playing their game altogether- and create our own new society, where people help people.. instead of people helping corporations.

Great doc! It just makes me sick to my stomach. I fell like it is to late. I hope to one day move far up in the mountains, and live off the land, so that way I will not have to participate in society anymore.

OH yeah, and at the 43ish min mark where that Belgian guy talks should be enough to wake everyone up!

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What religion do all these families come from?

The Blackrock Group and Vanguard manage most of the public sector 1%er money.

The rest of the wealth is private and in hands of the 80 elite families who are all members of the IMF and WEF.