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This was an intense week where several countries initiated an out-of-lock-down initiative... Is it good, is it bad? We do not know yet. Therefore, in the meantime, let's have a COVID-special 7th STEMsocial distilled of the best articles posted within the STEMsocial community last week. Feel free to engage with the featured authors of the week! Engagement is strongly encouraged on STEMsocial.

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Before moving on with the two best posts that have been selected from all the posts found by our curators last week, here are the most supported ones:

@girolamomarottaSARS-CoV-2: Repositivization, pathogenetic mechanism, therapies.
@dexterdevKL divergence as a measure to quantify irreversibility in non-equilibrium systems
@lupafilotaxiaMobility and orientation mechanism of the Cucurbita maxima
@scienceblocksIs anti-viral interferon response a boon to SARS-CoV-2?
@thecuriosiumA Prequel to Making Wire and How I Got Into Electronic Sculpture

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Our top choices

SARS-CoV-2: Repositivization, pathogenetic mechanism, therapies

The COVID-19 is getting known more and more, although many unknowns are still in front of us. This post from @girolamomarotta (who is now the first author to be featured a second time in the STEMsocial distilled series) addresses the issues of people getting cured and then tested positive again, our knowledge on the virus dynamics (through in particular the ACE2 molecule) and the possible therapies.

Why a herd immunity geared policy is a dangerous gamble and what alternatives we have

On this second post on the COVID-19, we are happy to feature @pibara who provides a great analysis of the math behind the epidemic, at least from an engineer standpoint. He discusses the mortality rate and the step towards herd immunity. To lock-down or not to lock down, will it be sufficient? In any case, having the numbers at hand may be useful!


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What a rich issue! I have reading to do :) Very happy to see one of my newly "favorite" authors featured: @girolamomarotta. Others, also on that list that I regularly read with great interest.
Congratulations to all supported authors, and to STEMsocial, which is becoming increasingly vibrant.

I am with you on this one! He is one of my greatest authors of the moment too ^^

Thank you very much! 🤗

I am really proud to have been mentioned for the second time in the STEMsocial Distilled.
I want to thank you all, from the admins to the curators, for the extraordinary work you do every day.
STEMsocial is absolutely one of the excellence of the platform. ✌️👏

It was a pleasure to have you selected. Your posts are really among the best and I wish STEMsocial to have more like these in the future!

Those are awesome and enjoyable selection. 100% worthy of being top picks. Kudos to all the authors and more ink to their pens.

I guess you mean, to their keyboards ;)

Thanks for the nice words!

You are welcome :)

Wonderful publications, congratulations to all those authors who shared this content and thanks to the management and curators of stemsocial for keeping this project alive! you deserve all the credit. :)

Also thanks to you as well, in particular for being with us since the early days (and still being around here)!

Congratulations to all authors! Always a pleasure to be mentioned on the distilled, this time on upvoted comments.

It is sufficient to use the app to be eligible for comment upvotes (with a small fraction of the available HP) :)

Congrats for being part of that distilled!

Well done STEMsocial, going through several posts is not an easy task. I say kudos to our team of curators. I congratulate our outstanding authors too who's post caught the attention of the curators. Let keep it up.

Thanks again for your nice words (and again for finally be back with us ;) )!

A very varied distillate with interesting publications from different areas, congratulations to all the authors mentioned

Although it is quite COVIDy this week. But this is of course understandable. I may do my best to get some particle physics back on board... at some point ;)

Wow. Will be a pleasure to join and be welcome onboard

Feel free to do so! The more we are the better it is! :)

That's good

Thank you!

Great distillation, amazing writeup, congrats to the authors

Thanks for your nice words!