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RE: A Steroid Treatment for COVID-19, and a Few Words About Steroids

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Great information! took me some time to go through it but worth reading. Steriods have never been so healthy and side effects is the added bonus with it.

I wonder @agmoore how old are you, Sir! Did your physician prescribe you prednisone?


Hello @razeiv,
Thank you for stopping by. Yes, the material was quite extensive, but I hoped to give people some important information.
How old am I? Quite old, over 70! Some might think too old to be playing in the fantasy world of LMAC, but I am proof that the imagination lives, and is even freer as we grow older...if only we give it a chance to breathe :)
In the U. S. we cannot buy prednisone without a prescription. I had to be talked into this, and coaxed by circumstances. However, sometimes, there are no great choices and I was lucky that this worked for me and so far (years now) at a low, low dose no serious consequences.
Well, I'm working on my #LMAC blog. Finished the collage and just writing a bit to go along with it. I have to catch up with my friends over there. So busy with the science blog I've been distracted.
See you at LMAC, soon :)

Oh I see .. No dear we are never too old to imagine. Still, a lot more to go for you, 70 is just the beginning, I'm certain :D

I'm on it too, let's see if I can finish it quick. Also, excited to see what's in your bucket of ideas this week :D