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When you read the word pollen, the first thing that comes to mind is a "flower" and yes! You are correct, pollen plays a crucial role in the reproduction of plants that present flower! Humanity has many decades using pollen as a nutritional benefit, and well I decided to see in detail what pollen is like in the pine sample. young😮😮

Quando você lê a palavra pólen, a primeira coisa que vem à mente é uma "flor" e sim! Você está correto, o pólen desempenha um papel crucial na reprodução das plantas que apresentam flores! A humanidade tem muitas décadas usando o pólen como um benefício nutricional, e bem, decidi ver em detalhes como é o pólen na amostra de pinheiro.🤔😮




We could define pollen as a microscopic yellow granule that corresponds to the male gametophyte, therefore it is common that we can get a microgametophyte inside it! It is produced in plants that have flowers, in botany they are defined as (spermatophytes).💛🧡
Poderíamos definir o pólen como um grânulo microscópico amarelo que corresponde ao gametófito masculino, portanto é comum que possamos ter um microgametófito dentro dele! É produzido em plantas que possuem flores, na botânica são definidas como (espermatófitos)💐🌸


To answer the question of where we can find the pollen grains then we say that in the flower it would be the reproductive organ of the plant, and it makes sense because in it we get the male and female organs! In scientific terms (stamens) and (pistil), daily insects and other animals carry pollen from one flower to another, fertilizing the plant, it is a very interesting natural process since plants shed less than 50% of their pollen, the main one pollen carrier in the plant kingdom is the bee!🤔😮
Para responder à pergunta de onde podemos encontrar os grãos de pólen, então dizemos que na flor seria o órgão reprodutor da planta, e faz sentido porque nela obtemos os órgãos masculino e feminino! Em termos científicos (estames) e (pistilo), os insetos diários e outros animais carregam pólen de uma flor para outra, fertilizando a planta, é um processo natural muito interessante já que as plantas liberam menos de 50% de seu pólen, o principal pólen portador no reino vegetal é a abelha!🐝🐝


Here we can clearly see the pollen sac, it is located in the bone anther in the stamens that would be the male organ of the flower, inside the pollen sacs are the pollen grains we can see them since they were dyed and acquired a dark purple color ! the process does not require a transporter, also the wind and gravity can transport the gametophyte muscle to the pistil of the flower!🤩🤩
Aqui podemos ver claramente o saco polínico, ele está localizado na antera óssea nos estames que seriam o órgão masculino da flor, dentro dos sacos polínicos estão os grãos de pólen que podemos vê-los porque foram tingidos e adquiriram um roxo escuro cor! o processo não requer um transportador, também o vento e a gravidade podem transportar o músculo gametófito até o pistilo da flor!🥰🥰


When the pollen successfully reaches the pistil then fertilization can occur, and what is produced from the flower? Well, the fruit ... Then we can define the fruit as the fertilized ovule of the flower! and basically this is how the pollination process ends!🙂🙂
Quando o pólen atinge o pistilo com sucesso, a fertilização pode ocorrer, e o que é produzido a partir da flor? Bem, o fruto ... Então podemos definir o fruto como o óvulo fecundado da flor! e basicamente é assim que termina o processo de polinização!🌷🌼🍓🍅



And well then, the pollen participates in the sexual reproduction of angiosperms or flowering plants, for the plant sexual reproduction gives an evolutionary advantage since there is greater genetic variability, and that is why in angiosperms we see an unlimited variety of colors and shapes. of flowers as well as fruits! not to mention the ability to adapt to the environment!💙💚💛
E bem então, o pólen participa da reprodução sexuada das angiospermas ou plantas com flores, pois a reprodução sexuada das plantas dá uma vantagem evolutiva, pois há maior variabilidade genética, e é por isso que nas angiospermas vemos uma variedade ilimitada de cores e formas. tanto flores como frutas! sem falar na capacidade de adaptação ao meio ambiente!👨‍🏫👩‍🏫



Incredibly, pollen has domestic use, it can be used as a source of food supplement, it also helps to improve and stimulate memory, it can be used medicinally to heal inflammation and energize!👀🦾🧠🦿



Here we can see a pollen grain enlarged to about 80x, although my microscope is not that powerful, it gives us to differentiate some parts including the nucleus where the genetic material is!😁😁


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Pollen is carried on the anther specifically and pollination is the movement of the pollen from the anther to the stigma of the same or different flowers of the same species. The entire male reproductive structure is called the stamen while that of the female is the pistil.

Pollen might be useful in some aspects but also dangerous to some people, especially those suffering from asthma.

I love learning more about botany, it is interesting, and well, thanks for adding that part, it is of interest, you made me remember a friend that at a certain time of the year she always has an allergy and they did a test and the pollen had an intolerance level of 100 %

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Indeed when I heard the word pollen, I thought of flowers.

Didn't know it could be this complex.

Hello @oscurity, interesting publication that you share with us, no doubt the pollen at the level of flowers and pollination by bees was the first thing that came to mind when I read the title of the article, however, such a great explanation has allowed me to understand how complex it can get to do something that for many consider simple.

Great delivery greetings