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RE: Avoidant Personality Disorder // Transtorno de Personalidade Esquiva

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What an incredible article! Knowledge is power and I have always been passionate about understanding as much as possible about human behavior... It is very complicated for a layman to read these articles because I, for example, identified with many things that were said, including the example of the fireworks I experience, I hate fireworks and I avoid whenever possible to be in places where I know there will be fireworks.
Thank you so much for sharing, I hope more content like this :)

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Hey man! Of course, one or another characteristic cannot lead us to think that we are doomed to a complete disturbance, sometimes we have one or another characteristics, so much so that some are natural to the human being. The issue of fireworks for example is something very common to not like, especially the noisy and useless ones! haha.
Thanks for the feedback, I will keep writing more psychology content! Have a great week!