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Hello @jaydr!

I would say this new generation might be the biggest blamed is such situations, especially if they rush to have sex without being fully aware of the risks and for sure that would lead them in situations where they can't take any action due to their low knowledge.

As for me, at first I thought it's all about hymenal breakage that developed a little further or just the girl is more of scared because of it, yet reading through the story, it really turns out to be something different. Glad you took the right decision in the right time!


And to say that I almost referred her, but considering the time it would waste at a tertiary college before she ll be speedily attended to, I m glad that didnt happen.

About this new generation,.. Lol. I get your point, but it can happen to anyone. In fact.. It has been happening to people.. Only it has been less reported as they wouldn't present to the hospital.