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Hello everyone its been a while a made one of my MEDHIVE post, I have received a lot of comments about how educative they were and although some people suggest I use some more relatable terminologies, I understand and hope to make the necessary adjustments. I also felt to post it in the STEMsocial community this time.

This post promises to be just as educative especially when it concerns sexual health. We cant deny that we are sexual beings and talking about this is just as healthy as other health talks one can have, read tight.



It was an afternoon shift, all was calm inpatients were all in bed and doing well, I was the Dr on shift in the outpatient and I was patiently waiting for them to come, this doesn't happen always you see, so I had to just enjoy the moment and think about the new year and what it had in store, assessing my assets, both crypto, music and other skills I could monetize in the new year.

Then a nurse calls my attention to a woman who was bleeding through her vagina, there at the OPD. Haa. (I hope the thought of this is not gross, but it is serious to learn from so I had to share this. It could also save a life).

She was a virgin uptil moments before when she had her first sex, she suddenly started having lower abdominal pain and bleeding, serious bleeding at that.

Had she known this will happen? No

Could she have prevented this? Yes.

There is something called coital laceration, and this means the vaginal tissues can tear when friction during intercourse pulls it apart cause so much bleeding. This occurrences are very common in our environment but most of it goes unnoticed as it doesn't sound cool that something like that happened during the act. Some think it is just hymenal bleeds during first sex of newly weds, well there is more to it.

This happens more commonly with non consensual sex , rape though, however, the consensual lovers also get it.

To avoid this the approach varies for premenopausal and post menopausal women.

It takes two to tango, so it involves the male as well.

In premenopausal women, a foreplay could have saved the day, but usually in inexperienced youths, they rush to the game and rush out scared and freaking out like in this case.

For the older and post menopausal women, they usually have something called atrophic vagina, which means their vagina can get dry and really not feel too good having sex because of the friction. Honestly the use of a lubricant can help here because foreplay alone may not be the much helpful.

Women have developed severe morbidities and sometimes even lost so much blood to get them unstable in a condition called shock, and some may die.

Newly weds, inexperienced sexual partners, post menopausal women and rape victims, women with short vagina are the common risk groups.

Such cases would require a high index of suspicion as the doctor will have to inspect diligently for the site of bleeding and it would require surgical suturing to stop the bleeding.

To be honest, when I first saw the case I had thought it was due to hymenal breakage or that she was on her period, but on examination, the bleeding had persisted and I also got the history she had lost more blood before presenting and she wasn't on her period either. This brought the suspicion of a tear.

She eventually got into theater and the laceration was painstakingly sutured under anaesthesia.

That even I went back home wondering how sex almost killed someone's life. If that lady had bled to death, how the guy would have been labelled as a murderer and definitely spend the rest of his life in jail. I was a bit happy with myself for some prompt action, I saved a lady's life, and her man from going to jail.

On a further thought, this could lead to some sort of aversion from sex with the bad impression it may have given in the first attempt.


Safe sex goes beyond just prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. It is consensual sex enjoyed, pleasurable and refreshing without putting any of the parties at harm during or after it. Hence the younger generation needs to be more aware of the matters that concern safe sex and talk more about it.


I hope you find this interesting and learnt a lot from it. I ll be in the comment section for any clarification needed.

Consensual Coital Lacerations: A Case Series

Life threatening consensual coital laceration in the seventh decade; a case report

This is Med-Hive, A series of medical case stories and short explanations on the case, symptoms and slight clinical insight. This does not aim at giving any medical advice as your doctor would do that after proper review involving history taking, physical examination and necessary investigations. However, a healthy society can only thrive with healthy information's like this. I will also love to entertain your questions in the comment section. Thanks for Reading

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Great initiative here.
Thank God she got the needed medical attention.
People should know more about these things. Welldone Chief!

Sure.. People need to know this things, ignoring it could be detrimental.

wooo, this is educative indeed, I sincerely hope she gets the right counsel and doesn't resent sex after that horrible experience.

Yes, thanks so much..
I hope more people find it to read.

Yes she did get counselled.

Thanks for stopping by.

Oh wow, I never knew a lady could injure her vagina during sex. Luckily we have good medical practioners like you who are able to remedy the situation. I can only imagine what would have happened if she wasn't rushed to the hospital on time under the assumption that it's just the hymen, or she wasn't vocal with her partner, so many possibilities, but we thank God that the best possible thing happened.

It's very nice of you to share your medical experiences with us.


Sure.. And the thought of hymenal bleeds have lead to a lot of unreported injuries, even infection and death.

Some even start fearing to have sex after that with their partners and you know what that means.

Fascinante tu ponencia, acerca de un tema tan importante. Comienzo a seguirte, si quieres puedes seguirme. Para mis futuros contenidos

Muchas gracias por tu comentario, me encantará conectarme y participar en tus publicaciones también.

Being her first time and having that kind of complication, I'm sure she's emotionally traumatized and she'll think sex comes with crazy complications. Kindly ensure she has a follow up re orientation and psychotherapy. Well done boss

She did have a second visit. And was reviewed and properly counselled too.

Thanks for your comment.

Wow! Just learnt something here, never new sex could cause such serious complications in couples, thanks for the enlightenment.

It can, and many new weds had it, some were not so louded, cause of the hymenial breakage, they even celebrate that bleeding in some cultures.. To prove that the lady was a virgin.

But does the hymen proof virginity? Maybe I ll write about this soon.

This is an excellent post and very informative. Thank you so much for sharing Doc, wow! what a story.
Always have great respect for those in the Medics.
Would keep an eye out for more on Medhives.
Much love🤗

Yeah.. Information is key.
I m glad you learnt a lot. There is more in the comment session as well.

Thanks for reading😉

Very nice piece of text. Thanks for sharing it. Educating the younger ones is very important, and we should never underestimate the amount of people who do not know enough and are eager to learn!

Very well said too.

The thought that no one may be interested should not be entertained.

If we ignore such, it would turn out to be us harming ourselves.
Staying informed via health promotion and education is very needful.

Thank for stopping by @lemouth

You are welcome! :)

Such an educative piece. Many people just start having sex without any sexual education. It is really very important to understand some things before going down that lane. Thanks for adding to people's knowledge on here.

Yeah.. So many of them.
And the pain it brings could have brought fear along side.
If only they get it right. Sex can be enjoyed.

Warming up the engine before taking it for a drive is a good policy in this regard lol. Using innuendo of course! Foreplay is a lot of fun but critical in times like this!

Haha.. A beautiful innuendo if you ask me, could save a lot.
Tell it to the noobs, too much head knowledge from shows and movies makes them think its all about hopping in,stepping on the pedals and hitting the road.

Thanks for stopping by😂😂


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Oh.. Great
I will strong consider your advise here.
Thanks so much @steemstem

Thanks for this... I look forward to more similar topics

I appreciate your comment.
Sure, there will be more.
I ll also check your blog out.

Alright... Thank you! @jaydr

Hello @jaydr!

I would say this new generation might be the biggest blamed is such situations, especially if they rush to have sex without being fully aware of the risks and for sure that would lead them in situations where they can't take any action due to their low knowledge.

As for me, at first I thought it's all about hymenal breakage that developed a little further or just the girl is more of scared because of it, yet reading through the story, it really turns out to be something different. Glad you took the right decision in the right time!

And to say that I almost referred her, but considering the time it would waste at a tertiary college before she ll be speedily attended to, I m glad that didnt happen.

About this new generation,.. Lol. I get your point, but it can happen to anyone. In fact.. It has been happening to people.. Only it has been less reported as they wouldn't present to the hospital.

Many people, especially the youth, when it comes to sex they don't think of anything else at that moment than to act incessantly. @jaydr Thanks for sharing your experience with us here

What you said is true, its probably the hormones and the electrical firing ... in the nerves but it is best to have a prior knowledge of issues like this to prevent the occurrence. And also an early presentation to the hospital.

I appreciate your comment.. @noble-noah