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RE: Why don't I last long in bed( A case of premature ejaculation)

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Personally, I don't believe in any ejaculation being premature. People are configured differently and sexual dysfunction should not be mixed up with premature ejaculation. Going by the definition, you are saying that even if my woman does not get satisfied after 3 hours of coitus, my ejaculation is still premature? I don't think sexual satisfaction should be limited to coitus only.


It is what the book says and that's why I feel couples should talk
Sources say it takes an average of 20 min of active penetration for a woman to get an orgasm. .. Most women get an orgasm before an hour...

I totally agree that sexual satisfaction is not court's dependent. Sometimes emotional states help with sexual satisfaction. I am sure you have heard ladies say they enjoy sex when they love the person

I worked a few years as a pharmacy technician and the extent to which men go just to be called champion in bed is scary. They go as far as taking drugs meant for something else to boost their libido and make them last longer in bed. Many have lost their lives in trying to satisfy unsatisfiable women. Poor souls.

So sad... I must say