Decline in biological quality due to the use of chemical products and toxic fertilizers

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In search of an answer to the problems of declining biological quality of natural resources such as soil, water, and air, sustainable agriculture has emerged, which generates the resources necessary to maintain long-term food and fiber production while conserving natural resources and biological and cultural diversity for future generations.

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▶ This is a relatively recent response to the decline in the quality of the natural resource base associated with traditional agriculture, and sustainable agriculture applies to the process of converting to fully ecological systems that exclude any use of synthetic chemicals.

In this order of ideas, the elaboration of compost are options that offer better advantages in terms of soils, since it is considered that the use of aquatic plants in composting processes in recent years has gained much importance, considering that this type of species constitute an environmental problem due to the impact of their management.

And also because of their rapid propagation in water bodies generating problems due to deoxygenation, eutrophication of lakes, rivers, natural and artificial tributaries and in most cases obstructing drainage channels causing floods.

According to what has been previously expressed, it is considered impetuous the need to change the forms of relationship with the environment, where each agro-producer is reflexive and conscious, but above all, acts in a leading role to guarantee sustainable development and the survival of future generations.

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In most countries, their agricultural communities do not escape from this reality, because their farmers use chemicals and toxic fertilizers to increase the production of their fruits, whether in short or long cycles, which are causing deterioration in the environment and decrease the quality of the soil, considering also that such practices constitute an environmental problem, which is why it should be proposed the adoption of production techniques more friendly to the context, adopting policies that promote organic agriculture creating substrates from different components through the use of mainly plants.

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The use of harsh chemicals is constantly on the rise in most agricultural cases, it continues to increase at a steady, implementing advancements in technology will do a lot of good in helping us reduce the level of toxic chemicals.

The numbers are alarming, but somehow that doesn't seem to interest states, maybe war does. Thanks @oluwatobiloba for leaving me your comment.

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Very interesting your publication and also very educational

Sharing content about ecology is one of my greatest passions. Thanks @newton666 for leaving me your comment.