HiveFest⁷ - Participate in the Balls of Steel tournament and get a new badge

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If you've read @roelandp's posts about HiveFest, you probably know that Hivefest Conference Day 1 on Friday 16th will end up with a Petanque night "Balls of Steel" at MooieBoules.

If you missed the post about it, click here

Mooie Boules: foodhall and indoor boulodrome

As usual, @hivebuzz will add some fun to the tournament by allowing participants to win a new badge.

Introducing the Balls of Steel badges

If you follow the message feed on the Hivefest Telegram channel, you've probably already seen the trophies that @roelandp has prepared for the winners.

But the @hivebuzz team is not left out. Who says contest says badges and we have prepared some, not only for the winners but for all the participants.

Participe in the Balls of Steel tournament on Friday night and you will get this brand new badge:

For the winners of the tournament, we have 3 additional badges that will make the difference on their board:

We hope to see many of you to participate in this tournament which promises to be a lot of fun.

Good luck and enjoy HiveFest⁷

The Hivebuzz Team

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Balls of Steel. 😂
We definitely need those these days! 👍🏻

Join us to play with 😇

You know I love badges! See you soon.

And I thought I had a monopoly on bad puns :))))

haha, that event will gonna be fun - see you there arcy and count me in your team 😜

It looks a lot like a typical game from my country. It must be just as fun.

How to get the Balls-of-steel-Badge?

We have been late to deliver. It's on your board now.

This is cool i will definitely be a part @hivebuzz

So cool. How can I participate @hivebuzz?

Sorry for our late response. To participate in the tournament and receive your badge, you would have had to travel to Amsterdam to attend Hivefest.