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I often get in trouble for not having my mobile on me, so I end up trying to remember to have it with me if I might get an important call. I don't like having it in my back pocket, especially when I sit down. There's also the risk that you forget it's there when you go to the toilet and it falls out when you pull your pants down...

I remember the days when we had the old dial phone and my big sister racked up a £100 bill (that was a LOT back then as I'm sure you know), so my parents put a lock on it. She learnt how to pick locks after that and racked up another huge bill. No such thing as contracts then.

I had a friend whose family only took incoming calls and had to use the payphone down the road if they wanted to make a call. Hard to imagine that there was a time when phone calls were so rarely made that you could do that.


The good old days of phone boxes down the street. Made dialing pizza delivery harder. Oh hang on, there was not pizza delivery.

Societies fixation with their phones these days is a plague. Remember those days when people driving cars actually looked at the road instead of their phone?

We were trying to figure out if pay phones exist any more. Do we still have any?

I see them around the place but my brain struggles to notice them as they are pretty much obsolete things. I'm not sure if any of them work. It was interesting though, the last time I was in London they were everywhere. The old red ones and the newer versions of them. I thought it was cool. One of each below. I like the older ones. They also have wifi phone booths as below. Maybe next they'll have Facebook ones.

Photo 12-6-18, 7 12 11 pm.jpg



Those old red ones always had a distinctive smell. The newer ones I recall were mostly glass, so that second one is not familiar. I wonder if they're only in London or if it's a change because the glass ones got smashed too often (I've not been to London since I was a child).

I love that the Wi-Fi one looks a little like the old police boxes (Tardis!). Waiting on Facebook bright blue ones, now. 😆

I feel in the back of my mind like I have seen pay phones here, but like you say, perhaps we don't notice what we're not looking for. You'll have to snap a pic of one for me if you spot one, assuming you have your phone with you. 😉

So, I just realised for the first time that in the image of that new open-style London phone booth there's a few interesting advertisements stuck to the glass. 🙄

If I come across a payphone booth in my travels I'll snap it for you. For old times sake. Lol.

🤣 I missed that too. I bet there are some expensive call charges there. Not sure if the booth offers the most comfortable place to be calling them from. Maybe that's why it's been made so open. 😂

Lol, yeah and a sticky handset.