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As an officially recognised, bona fide and genuine old fucker dinosaur I'm fortunate enough to be able to refer to the good old days, times past that were dramatically different to the current society and environment we live in today; I don't quite remember fire being invented but I miss those good old days days and, as a fellow who seeks simplicity, I long for those easy-going, unrushed days where one wasn't bombarded with choice, societal noise and media propaganda which I believe can skew ones thought and actions quite easily. I remember the days of yore fondly - That day the wheel was invented especially. Ah yeah, good times, good times.

You know the days I mean right?

The days when people didn't have to take a photo of their food before they ate it. When gaming meant board games and playing outside with the neighbour-kids and there was only one type of corn flakes on the shelf at the supermarket, not one hundred. Ah yes, the days when people actually made eye contact, counted-back change at the shop and when milk came from cows not almonds and oats and we didn't desire to possess everything under the sun right now. Also...The days before we all had mobile phones.

me for a moment.png

My work iphone. When I took this I was considering tossing it into the lake. Through sheer force of will I refrained. I still hate it though. #iphonerubbish

Phone reliance

I have two mobile phones, one of those idiotic iPhones given me by work and my own Samsung S20. Both go almost everywhere with me between working hours, 9-5 weekdays, and I just carry my personal phone at other times. I hate having to carry both phones but am happy to keep my personal phone private rather than using it for business so accept the inconvenience - It means I can leave my work phone home when not working as well. Oh glory!

Over the last several weeks I've become increasingly reluctant to carry my personal phone though. It's always with me, when I move about the house, nip down to the corner shop for snacks, mow the lawn, go shooting, people-watching at cafés, hiking...It doesn't come into the shower with me though...Or does it? [Most of you will never know. 😆]

The point is that it's rarely outside of arms reach and whilst it's convenient I find it somewhat annoying also.

What's important and what needs googlising

Is anything so pressing or immediate that it has to be dealt with right then and there? I mean, can the person that says, hey bro what the fuck's up, on a text message to me not wait an hour for a reply? Nuttin brah, just hangin' out. I mean come on right? Yes, there's things that may be time-critical but not all certainly...And besides, we used to go without mobile phones completely not that long ago so...Yeah, I'm sick of taking it with me.

I'll concede that it's handy to instantaneously get the answer to anything I want to know by googlising things on the phone...You know, the really important stuff we have to know immediately like:

How many segments in a mandarin or how does one milk an almond when it has no boobs. Real mission-critical information like that which having a phone and the internet in one's pocket can answer at all times but, I wonder, could we do without it though?

Phone home - A G-dog experiment

A few weeks ago I decided to start leaving my phone home more often on purpose. I say more often but in truth I never usually left it home at all. I have been lately though.

It feels odd to be out without my phone, a feeling that endured for a week or so. I felt disconnected, kept patting down my pockets to make sure it was there and not left at a café somewhere then realising it was at home. Ah yeah, that's right, I'm doing an experiment, I'd think until eventually I stopped worrying about the phone altogether.

I had a few moments of, what if I need to know the atomic number of Gadolinium Lanthanide on the Periodic Table of Elements [Atomic number 64] or the gestation period of a Crowned lemur [124 days]. But through sheer force of will I got over it the more I left my phone home. I actually came to like it - Not Lemur gestation periods, being phoneless.

I felt a little liberated through not having my phone and also a little more self-reliant. I couldn't instantaneously find things out with a few taps, call for help, get directions or numbers...I had to think things out, to plan my trip or whatever I was doing and make sure I was prepared.

It's been about a month now and I take the opportunity to leave my phone home as often as I can and leave it on my home-office desk when at home a lot more rather than carrying it around everywhere. It feels pretty good to break that feeling of reliance upon the device to be honest and I find I'm connecting more with whatever I'm doing rather than looking at my phone all the time. People still reach me when they need to, I still respond and life goes on without googlising what's in fake boobs and why they feel so real in the hand.

No justification

I've got no real justification for having to have my phone with me all the time although I know a lot of people would find some. I'm fortunate that I'm not on social media, other than hive, and I use my laptop for that mostly. I keep my friends group small and stay away from drama so tend not to get pulled into lengthy phone-message threads about who did what to whom. I just don't fucking care for drama.

I don't play those stupid fucking games on my phone, or any at all, do not use it for watching videos or reading the news...Although I use it for Spotify. That's the one possible thing I could use as a justification if I chose to, I love my music, but in truth I can go without for a few hours and enjoy the peace and quiet instead right? It's not a compelling enough reason for me to take my phone everywhere I go.

During the week I was speaking to the owner of a café I frequent who had heard about schools providing sleeping rooms for the students as they were spending so much time on their phones, all night instead of sleeping, that they were unable to stay awake during the day. Hmm, does anyone see a problem with this? I sure do; Many problems actually.

It's probably difficult for anyone under 35 years old to remember life without a phone in one's hand all the time...But it used to happen, trust me...People didn't need to have a computer in their pocket all their time and actually managed to survive. Miraculous.

I'll be honest and say I'd be happy to roll back the clock to before the internet and mobile phones as it seemed so much simpler back then. Yeah, I know we'd miss out on things but only because we know they exist. You can't miss what you don't know about right?

Imagine 50 years in the future from now, 2071...We don't know what we don't know right? So we can't miss it. Who knows, in the future we might all love the fact the government and corporations control our every move and that they injected us with nanomite-tech back in 2021 so they can record our every thought and movement - But maybe we'll long for those simpler days from the past like I do now? I'll be dead in 2071 of course, so I won't care. I guess a lot of you will be too, or you'll be dinosaurs like I am now.

So tell me folks, could you leave your phone home more often and if not why? What's your justification? Do you wish things were simpler and would you roll the clock back a little if you had the power to do so? Are you addicted to your phone and can't spend a moment without it? Do you splash your private life all over social media, play games or attach your feeling of self-worth to what model of phone you have? Tell me in the comments below, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

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I'd like to get together with a few friends, and swap phones and credit cards for a few days. Just throw some randomness into the tracking data.
One thing I've been doing, is trying to remember stuff without googling it. I feel like the mental exercise is important.

You make a good point about exercising the brain and I try and do the same, only did it just now when I couldn't remember a track I wanted to use in a post. I thunk it out myself rather than googlising it which is the easy way out. They say we're smarter these days but I'm not so sure...Saying hey Siri doesn't make us smarter. Most have lost the ability for the most basic of tasks simply because *someone else can do it for us. It's not a good thing.

It's not easy to carry 2 phones and also it takes our time since we probably stay busy more on the phone. I too like to carry only one phone and like to spend more time away from mobile and other gadgets.

I really hate the "need" to carry a mobile phone and a society that forces it upon us in many ways. Point in case, checking in at every location we visit due to covid-19. I hate it and I hate my mobile phones.

I often get in trouble for not having my mobile on me, so I end up trying to remember to have it with me if I might get an important call. I don't like having it in my back pocket, especially when I sit down. There's also the risk that you forget it's there when you go to the toilet and it falls out when you pull your pants down...

I remember the days when we had the old dial phone and my big sister racked up a £100 bill (that was a LOT back then as I'm sure you know), so my parents put a lock on it. She learnt how to pick locks after that and racked up another huge bill. No such thing as contracts then.

I had a friend whose family only took incoming calls and had to use the payphone down the road if they wanted to make a call. Hard to imagine that there was a time when phone calls were so rarely made that you could do that.

The good old days of phone boxes down the street. Made dialing pizza delivery harder. Oh hang on, there was not pizza delivery.

Societies fixation with their phones these days is a plague. Remember those days when people driving cars actually looked at the road instead of their phone?

We were trying to figure out if pay phones exist any more. Do we still have any?

I see them around the place but my brain struggles to notice them as they are pretty much obsolete things. I'm not sure if any of them work. It was interesting though, the last time I was in London they were everywhere. The old red ones and the newer versions of them. I thought it was cool. One of each below. I like the older ones. They also have wifi phone booths as below. Maybe next they'll have Facebook ones.

Photo 12-6-18, 7 12 11 pm.jpg



Those old red ones always had a distinctive smell. The newer ones I recall were mostly glass, so that second one is not familiar. I wonder if they're only in London or if it's a change because the glass ones got smashed too often (I've not been to London since I was a child).

I love that the Wi-Fi one looks a little like the old police boxes (Tardis!). Waiting on Facebook bright blue ones, now. 😆

I feel in the back of my mind like I have seen pay phones here, but like you say, perhaps we don't notice what we're not looking for. You'll have to snap a pic of one for me if you spot one, assuming you have your phone with you. 😉

So, I just realised for the first time that in the image of that new open-style London phone booth there's a few interesting advertisements stuck to the glass. 🙄

If I come across a payphone booth in my travels I'll snap it for you. For old times sake. Lol.

🤣 I missed that too. I bet there are some expensive call charges there. Not sure if the booth offers the most comfortable place to be calling them from. Maybe that's why it's been made so open. 😂

Lol, yeah and a sticky handset.

I've been trying to leave mine away from me. I hate the obsessive need it drives in me to have it handy for checking out how we milk almonds etc ;0)

It's liberating but it is also weird, a nice weird.

Don't tell them about the shower though!!

I really dislike the feeling of reliance upon it, and the dumb-ass excuses I make to take it wherever I go. It's been really difficult to train myself to leave it home but I'm rockin' it. The only problem is all the checking in we have to do on it and the government app because the covid rubbish. I've been writing my name and number on the paper instead on those times I leave my phone home but that's annoying too.

Lucky mine has some water-resistant qualities though Boomy...Stay tuned for selfies from the shower...One day I'll have three scotches in a row and be drunk enough to post them all...No words...Just images with the tag #theglory

Don't dare me bro. 😁

For the #theglory!!

Heh heh.

I have the S20 too. It's frickin marvelous. The camera can sometimes be a tiny tiny bit too slow to respond to the shutter button. That is my only complaint. But I do love it. In saying that, I am with you. They are like a ball and chain

Yeah, that delay on the shutter is annoying but overall it's a decent thing...Evan makes voice calls too I hear. Lol. I actually take most of my post images with the S20, keeps it simple and I can always blame the phone for fucking up the shot.

Speaking of ball there was this one time in the shower...

That’s great that you’re leaving the fondle slab at home! I want to get into doing that more for sure. I’ve been trying to go for walks around the neighborhood without it and it’s had mild success. It’s tempting to bring it since I get I snap some cool pics of the little man doing stuff but it’s not worth the trade off of living in the moment sometimes. Plus the radiation that’s all around us, we don’t need extra from the phones.

I remember fondly the times before phones! It was nice honestly, we are too connected nowadays I think. If I didn't need my phone for work I might opt for a regular dial phone. Maybe I'll get two phones, one work and one for life.

It's that justification that make speopoe carry it. What if I want to take a photo of myself. What if I need too googlise how to say quinoa properly. What if someone likes my Facebook post and I don't know about it in the first second. You know, all that important stuff.

There's legitimate uses of course, I think people's reliance upon it, the feeling one gets from having it, is not that healthy though. It's just what the phone companies, marketers and corporations rely on.

Carrying two phones is annoying but for me it keeps work and private separate which I prefer. I leave my work phone on silent in non-work hours, upside down in my home office and never look at it. Work is work, not life.

Hey G-Dog.

Great post as usual and I love the humour you manage to insert into it even with such a topic.

The kids falling asleep in class because whaaaatttt? That is ridiculous and begs the question - where are the parents? This is a huge problem that kids as young as 5 can use a mobile phone or ipad but can't legibly write their own names. I'm all for technological advances but when it starts costing more than it's worth in terms of intelligence, discernment and critical thinking you have to start asking difficult questions.

The addiction to conventional social media is becoming a serious issue that is being totally overlooked by most. There are studies that have been done and found that the reactions on social media post create a dopamine response in the brain and can lead to a chemical addiction. Social Media detox and rehab centres are probably going to become a thing soon if they aren't already.

To be honest I don't care much about the model of phone I have, pretty much as much as I care about the model of car I have. If it gets the job done, then I'll use it for the purpose I need it. My previous phone lasted almost 5 years and I had to upgrade it because it had become so slow that it was practically useless. I actually have very little use for my phone now other than possible business calls. Since I left social media and cut certain people out of my life, nobody phones or messages me. Not in sight, not in mind. To be honest it's extremely liberating. In 2021, being invisible really is a freaking superpower.

Cheers Galen, have a good weekend.

A little humour goes a long way - I rely on it to add some interest as I'm none-too-smart and I need all the help I can get.

I had the same incredulous reaction to the kids/asleep/phones thing. Where are the parents? Simple answer: On their phones on Facebook.

I have a huge issue with the tech-stuff. Society goes on about how enlightened we are but most have lost the most basic of skills like handwriting, spelling, punctuation and so on. It doesn't end there...Cooking is a dying art, replaced with preparing and food deliveries. Reading is on the decline through apps like Blinkest and podcasts where a shortened version of a book is delivered, and propaganda imprinted.

Think about a person 121 years ago...Had to be fairly self-reliant. A farmer had to judge the weather for instance, know when to sow and harvest, to mend fences, plant/tend the kitchen-garden, slaughter the pigs or chickens, med boots and clothing, care for the horse and tack...You get the point. Now...There's an app for that. So, who is more enlightened? The person who knows how to google and dial uber?

I'm a prepared guy, you know that, and so I look at people around me with zero level of preparation or self-reliance...But a good score on Candy Crush and 37 likes on their last Facebook post of what they had for breakfast. Victims.

Since I left social media and cut certain people out of my life, nobody phones or messages me. Not in sight, not in mind. To be honest it's extremely liberating.

This line is the best andrastia...I'm the same.

Thanks for responding. Maybe one day I'll meet you in a pub and we can have a better chat about it over a pie and a beer. (two pies for me)

Hey Galen

Thanks for the reply, I totally feel the same. People really do think I'm nuts because I tend to think of the worst possible scenario that could happen and prepare for that and if it doesn't reach that, then that's awesome.

I feel horribly sad for the kids of today. There was a section in a book I read about a year ago and it was literally that "we" as in the collective in general are raising a generation of psychopaths. Kids need nurturing, guidance and discipline. They need to learn things like patience and actually not being able to have everything you want right now as in the plague of instant gratification. You think that people of today are bad wrt basic skills like cooking and writing? I'm almost certain that it's going to get worse and the absolute crap indoctrination in the school curriculums these days? Oy vey.

Yes indeed pie and a good convo about life, the universe and so on - if we ever get out of these perpetual lockdowns.

Glad to read that your bro is in better health now, must have been quite scary for you all.

I'm off to cook lamb and veg stew with my daughter. Soul food

Cheers bud, have a good one.

It's a huge problem, or will be moving forward, and I'm not quite sure why people don't see it. That's psychopath-senario you mention...Sort of scary right? Scary that that's the future. (Present really). I've got no children and sometimes that bothers me, but mostly I'm grateful I don't need to guide my own kids through the turmoil that's sure to come.

I spoke to my bro tonight, still issues but seems in good spirits...Yeah, wasn't the best time but we'll get through it. I appreciate you mentioning it.

Lamb and veg stew sounds like a good Sunday afternoon chore...As does the eating of it later. 😁


I'll be honest and say I'd be happy to roll back the clock to before the internet and mobile phones as it seemed so much simpler back then. Yeah, I know we'd miss out on things but only because we know they exist. You can't miss what you don't know about right?

I want to agree! ...but it makes me think whether I am willing to give up today's life or not? My life revolves so much around internet. Sometimes, I feel paralyzed when I'm not able to access the internet because of a black out.

I understand the feeling, especially for the younger generation who often cannot conceive of a world without it...But it used to happen, and people managed. I guess we come to rely on things and feel lost without them. It's totally understandable. However, if the power went out across the world for the next hundred years we'd adapt and make do. Humans are flexible like that.

...always on the larger picture @galenkp. ^^

Always? Let's just say sometimes. 😉

Well that's maybe because whenever I get to visit your blog, I always get that impression from you. But okay, I'll go with sometimes. ^^

Sometimes works.

I do not have a smart phone.

One of the biggest problems with the mobile devices is that
bit tech has designed the media websites to be dopamine hits
and to leave you always craving more.

So, it is not completely our fault for not being able to pull our heads away from it
but, like an addict, we must take measures, often extreme (phone home)
to break the cycle of addiction.

I agree with you which is why I'm working on leaving the phone home more often. It's not hard for me to do now and I don't feel lost without it. I feel better actually.

Hey old man, I am lucky as I don't have a phone.
Not out of choice though as how do you explain to someone that you dropped your phone (by accident) into the toilet bowl ?
So yes I still have the phone, but it is not working anymore for some reason, so I keep it in a box in my cupboard in case I need it.
Luckily I have not needed it for about a year and a half now.

Marian has a phone and I make do with it rarely when someone calls me.
Such is life.

The old phone in the toilet method of breaking ones reliance upon it. Smart. ✅

Hahaha, I only hope that when I do other things on the toilet, it won't break my reliance on it :)


23 more days and I will be back on the /e/OS

You can GhoulGhoul it on maybe the dumbest named tech company search engine ever, with the most mass manipulation and censorship. And maybe they will actually let you see real results of what that is..? After the paid for propaganda results of course. Just scroll past the first 20 and look for the truth...

Oh never mind, not alot of truth there... it is Googlygoo.

My phone was De-Googled on a really cool and way more private OS when it crashed a month ago. I had to get an insurance replacement, and they will not unlock this phone for 40 days.

Here You go bro... One less click for the Ghouls to sell to adverts/haxters/malwares and even the corrupt gov. creepy stalkers.

That is what I have been using on my phone. Mine is a 1+7pro on T-Mobile.


I hardly ever use Google, just at work as there's little choice. It's shit. It's all shit. Bring on the EMP and roll back to the clock to the days of no power. That'll sort people out. New World order.

I would have been happy being born 100 years earlier. Before all this Clown World Bullshizz...

This is what I see when I see the Globalist Clown politicians..



And it terrifies me..!

Yeah, the world, society, is on a backward slide. No doubt about it.

10 years ago, my life was tied to my phone. I was always responding to email and phone calls as a IT Support person for multiple small business. Now I carry my phone but might get a txt or phone call from my wife a couple of times a week. I carry it just in case I need to call if I have car trouble on my drive to and from work, I drive 50km's each way. I occasionally even forget the phone in the car. It is so relaxing to not be dependent on my phone and always jumping every time it beeps.

Phones are handy things and can save one a lot of trouble, especially when travelling as you do. There's a time and place for them and I believe they have value to offer...I just don't like the feeling of reliance, of having to have it with me, and so took some steps to change that. It wasn't that hard considering I don't rely on the dopamine hit of social media. It just feels a little odd at first but just as we got used to carrying them we can get used to not doing so.

Hehe, now you're making me feel really old, when you young guys are calling yourselves dinosaurs! I've been in jobs that required 24x7 availability for pretty much my entire career. From a decade as a first responder back when pagers were "new" and we had to get a page and drive to a pay phone / phone booth. lol. Then it was on to IT work and getting called to fix things after hours. Then into IT security work and called / alerted after hours and weekends for hackers and for other IT issues. So the cell phone and remote compute has certainly made that off-hours response easier for those of us that have to respond. Many systems can even be accessed from the phoneputer and fixed from there nowadays. So I guess for me both pro and con. The availability has to be there in some fashion, and the cellphone makes response more timely for me, so I guess more efficient in returning me to my free hours. I'm a tech geek and not an Apple fan either. I do like my Pixel phone and usually stay within a year or two of the latest tech, just because I love playing with the features and tech. Even though I carry it always, I don't actually use it much (Except for now tracking steps and activity along with my smart watch, got to work on the health!) I hate using the small screen and thumb buttons. I save my other stuff for the large screen and typing. I type fast and hate the time it takes to thumb out a message. I'll sometimes read email on the phone, but hate responding to email or ick text messages.

Mobile phones and other methods of communication have their uses and as society moves forward and develops so will the way we communicate. First responders, and others, have a legitimate use and need for them of course. It improves response time and prepares them better for what to expect through the transfer of information en-route. I totally get it. I guess my dislike of them comes from a different angle.

I remember needing a pager. Of course I didn't need it at all, just wanted it. Never got one thankfully. I remember when contemplating my first mobile phone...Needed it...But not really, just wanted it. And from there I came to rely on having it, despite the fact for the balance of my life I didn't need it and managed fine. I remember my brother telling me about SMS...I was like, WHAT is this magic!? I recall having to limit the characters to 160 I think it was. Now I write war and peace-sized texts without a thought. Progression. I recall the first phone I had that also included a camera. It was a Blackberry actually. Lol. Yeah, Blackberry. Loved it too. And then from there things go out of hand. They don't even talk about call-quality when advertising phones, just how good the camera is...Pathetic really.

Don't like typing on my phone...My thumbs make so many typos, or should I blame the phone, shifting blame seems to be the norm these days. Lol. I use my computer for hive mostly and so the phone takes photos for hive, accepts calls and sometimes I respond to an email or two. My work phone though, that get's a work out.

I have heard those Pixel phones are good. I have the Samsung S20 and have been happy with it although the battery life isn't that great. It's only just over a year old so I'll have it for a while longer but will definitely look at different options like the Pixel and Huawei phones which I've heard are pretty good too.

In all I actually hate phones and wish we lived in a world that didn't need them but now...We have to do this dumb-ass check in thing everywhere and so the phone comes with me mostly. I'm loving leaving it home though, and when home leaving it in my office and not checking it every ten seconds.

Screenshot_20210627-112701_mySA GOV.jpg

Screenshot from the government contact tracing app. Check in is mandatory with a $1000 fine for getting caught not doing so and $5000 for the business. Welcome to the new normal. We wouldn't want to catch a cold now would we.

Wow. Yes, I would hate that check-in instantly. The fines seem outrageous, but I suppose the only way for them to get any compliance.

Yeah, compliance and revenue all at once. I hate it...Like, a lot. Irks me everytime I have to do it, including every time I enter my office. All day. Mental.

I have been leaving mine home as much as I can. I am on demand enough for work that when I am not on, I toss it and run away.

Seriously, though. I resent being that dependent for directions driving, needing to know the effects of drinking seven shots of whiskey on a 98-pound body, how to milk a camel. Useful stuff. Yes. You know what I am talking about.

I stopped using Waze and even though I sometimes get lost in the backstreets of Washington, DC, it has been refreshing to not need it. I have a home on the Shore of Virginia and I purposely don't have internet over there. I never have. It is a place where you go to get away from all of this and I love it. People need downtime. Young people don't even know how to communicate face to face. They do best texting.

I saw a couple on their honeymoon on my last cruise before COVID. Remember real life? They sat across the table texting each other. I swear to God. This is too sad to make up. Maybe they were sending each other fantasy text or something, but, texting?? They got in a fight about it, which they made public. Really?

Throw down your device and get out with people for God's sake.

It's kind of crazy isn't it,the reliance on phones, texting and so on. I've seen people sitting at the beach with an amazing sunset in front of them but with their head buried in their phone. Doesn't make sense,just like that couple on the cruise. And public fighting? Idiots.

That place you have with no internet seems like a good thing...It's good to get disconnected. I'd want to go there all the time.

It's a good tool, the phone, but needs to be regulated I think...But people don't and I'm not sure where it's all going to end up.

None of my kids are so connected life passes them by. It's a great tool, but, it will never take the place of another person or personal contact. People don't realize they are letting some of the best things in life pass them.

It is an 1869 (that is old for us here) Rustic Victorian. We are renovating it, little by little. The physical labor of the property was a lot of work getting it into shape, but, the ancient gardens and chicken house, plus fun things like sleeping porches and built-in pieces make it charming and fun to work on.

Oh, sheesh... I am going on over a house. Sorry. Not sorry. :)

By the way, the next generation coming up is going to be the worst yet, with no schooling for years and parents that let them run the house. No manners and terrible eating habits. It is scary watching it happen.

That house sounds amazing! I'm a little envious but happy you're making stuff happen. Most goose otherwise. 🙄

Oh yeah, I get what you mean about the next generation; hideous mob of cretins they'll be. I can barely deal with the current youth. Mostly can't. Manners, lack of, is something I don't respond well to.

I resisted getting a cell phone for many years. I can't tell you what year I finally caved, but I was the last person I knew to get it because I thought I really didn't need one.

At the time my opinion was that at work I have a phone and at home I have a phone with an answering machine and when I wasn't home and I didn't need to talked to anyone I wasn't actually with, while I was out visiting or shopping or eating ..... or whatever.

Eventually I got old enough and being a single woman, I thought I should have one with me every time I got in the car, just in case of emergency. I don't live in a particularly dangerous area, but the car could break down and you simply never know, so I finally got a flip phone. I didn't think I needed a smart phone, all of which cost too much.

One day my phone service carrier decided to go to 4g and the flip I had would not handle it, so they gave me a coupon for about $250 to buy a phone and when I went to get one, I finally bought a smart one that was on a great sale.

As you can guess, I now take it wherever I go. I mostly don't let it rule me, like answering or looking at it when I am visiting or the such. I do find though that when I accidentally leave it at home, I do feel like something is missing. Like you, I am use to just jumping on it when I need an answer to something... .anything.

I do still have a PC at home, so I don't have my phone attached to me and am sometimes far away from it that I miss a call. Fortunately, when I do get to it, it tells me who I need to call back ! 😄 I don't mind texting with my family on occasion, but I really don't like pecking out long emails or posts with one finger....ugh !

There are so many valid reasons to carry a phone and as per my post most of the time I do. I just prefer not to where possible. Like you though, not letting it rule me is the key focus.

It's amazing how quickly an entire industry sprung up around the smart phone. I mean do you remember back in 1985? Do you ever recall a person having their self-worth attached to their landline dial-phone back at home? Nope, not one. These days one is almost an outcast without the right brand of phone and woe to you if it's over a year old! Trillions of dollars revolve around a device that in around 20 years humanity seem to have gotten themselves addicted to...But we can all do without. It is what it is though and isn 't likely to change.

I'm content with my leave it home ethos although don't manage to do so as often as I like.

It IS amazing how fast it started and then took over.

Everywhere you turn, some company is trying to force their app on you. It is no longer good enough to advertise on the radio, TV or signs, they want to be present in your hand, sending and bombarding you with ads and sales pitches. I realize some good has probably come from them in certain areas, but also some very bad. So many are never present wherever their bodies actually are and the innocent people that have died because someone couldn't stay off their phone while driving. Honestly it is all pretty crazy.

The world is upside down jacey, or so I see it. I'm hoping my home planet send the spaceship back and pick me up soon because I'm struggling to make sense of planet Earth these days. 👽

Nano Nano