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I have been leaving mine home as much as I can. I am on demand enough for work that when I am not on, I toss it and run away.

Seriously, though. I resent being that dependent for directions driving, needing to know the effects of drinking seven shots of whiskey on a 98-pound body, how to milk a camel. Useful stuff. Yes. You know what I am talking about.

I stopped using Waze and even though I sometimes get lost in the backstreets of Washington, DC, it has been refreshing to not need it. I have a home on the Shore of Virginia and I purposely don't have internet over there. I never have. It is a place where you go to get away from all of this and I love it. People need downtime. Young people don't even know how to communicate face to face. They do best texting.

I saw a couple on their honeymoon on my last cruise before COVID. Remember real life? They sat across the table texting each other. I swear to God. This is too sad to make up. Maybe they were sending each other fantasy text or something, but, texting?? They got in a fight about it, which they made public. Really?

Throw down your device and get out with people for God's sake.


It's kind of crazy isn't it,the reliance on phones, texting and so on. I've seen people sitting at the beach with an amazing sunset in front of them but with their head buried in their phone. Doesn't make sense,just like that couple on the cruise. And public fighting? Idiots.

That place you have with no internet seems like a good thing...It's good to get disconnected. I'd want to go there all the time.

It's a good tool, the phone, but needs to be regulated I think...But people don't and I'm not sure where it's all going to end up.

None of my kids are so connected life passes them by. It's a great tool, but, it will never take the place of another person or personal contact. People don't realize they are letting some of the best things in life pass them.

It is an 1869 (that is old for us here) Rustic Victorian. We are renovating it, little by little. The physical labor of the property was a lot of work getting it into shape, but, the ancient gardens and chicken house, plus fun things like sleeping porches and built-in pieces make it charming and fun to work on.

Oh, sheesh... I am going on over a house. Sorry. Not sorry. :)

By the way, the next generation coming up is going to be the worst yet, with no schooling for years and parents that let them run the house. No manners and terrible eating habits. It is scary watching it happen.

That house sounds amazing! I'm a little envious but happy you're making stuff happen. Most goose otherwise. 🙄

Oh yeah, I get what you mean about the next generation; hideous mob of cretins they'll be. I can barely deal with the current youth. Mostly can't. Manners, lack of, is something I don't respond well to.