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That’s great that you’re leaving the fondle slab at home! I want to get into doing that more for sure. I’ve been trying to go for walks around the neighborhood without it and it’s had mild success. It’s tempting to bring it since I get I snap some cool pics of the little man doing stuff but it’s not worth the trade off of living in the moment sometimes. Plus the radiation that’s all around us, we don’t need extra from the phones.

I remember fondly the times before phones! It was nice honestly, we are too connected nowadays I think. If I didn't need my phone for work I might opt for a regular dial phone. Maybe I'll get two phones, one work and one for life.


It's that justification that make speopoe carry it. What if I want to take a photo of myself. What if I need too googlise how to say quinoa properly. What if someone likes my Facebook post and I don't know about it in the first second. You know, all that important stuff.

There's legitimate uses of course, I think people's reliance upon it, the feeling one gets from having it, is not that healthy though. It's just what the phone companies, marketers and corporations rely on.

Carrying two phones is annoying but for me it keeps work and private separate which I prefer. I leave my work phone on silent in non-work hours, upside down in my home office and never look at it. Work is work, not life.