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Hey G-Dog.

Great post as usual and I love the humour you manage to insert into it even with such a topic.

The kids falling asleep in class because whaaaatttt? That is ridiculous and begs the question - where are the parents? This is a huge problem that kids as young as 5 can use a mobile phone or ipad but can't legibly write their own names. I'm all for technological advances but when it starts costing more than it's worth in terms of intelligence, discernment and critical thinking you have to start asking difficult questions.

The addiction to conventional social media is becoming a serious issue that is being totally overlooked by most. There are studies that have been done and found that the reactions on social media post create a dopamine response in the brain and can lead to a chemical addiction. Social Media detox and rehab centres are probably going to become a thing soon if they aren't already.

To be honest I don't care much about the model of phone I have, pretty much as much as I care about the model of car I have. If it gets the job done, then I'll use it for the purpose I need it. My previous phone lasted almost 5 years and I had to upgrade it because it had become so slow that it was practically useless. I actually have very little use for my phone now other than possible business calls. Since I left social media and cut certain people out of my life, nobody phones or messages me. Not in sight, not in mind. To be honest it's extremely liberating. In 2021, being invisible really is a freaking superpower.

Cheers Galen, have a good weekend.


A little humour goes a long way - I rely on it to add some interest as I'm none-too-smart and I need all the help I can get.

I had the same incredulous reaction to the kids/asleep/phones thing. Where are the parents? Simple answer: On their phones on Facebook.

I have a huge issue with the tech-stuff. Society goes on about how enlightened we are but most have lost the most basic of skills like handwriting, spelling, punctuation and so on. It doesn't end there...Cooking is a dying art, replaced with preparing and food deliveries. Reading is on the decline through apps like Blinkest and podcasts where a shortened version of a book is delivered, and propaganda imprinted.

Think about a person 121 years ago...Had to be fairly self-reliant. A farmer had to judge the weather for instance, know when to sow and harvest, to mend fences, plant/tend the kitchen-garden, slaughter the pigs or chickens, med boots and clothing, care for the horse and tack...You get the point. Now...There's an app for that. So, who is more enlightened? The person who knows how to google and dial uber?

I'm a prepared guy, you know that, and so I look at people around me with zero level of preparation or self-reliance...But a good score on Candy Crush and 37 likes on their last Facebook post of what they had for breakfast. Victims.

Since I left social media and cut certain people out of my life, nobody phones or messages me. Not in sight, not in mind. To be honest it's extremely liberating.

This line is the best andrastia...I'm the same.

Thanks for responding. Maybe one day I'll meet you in a pub and we can have a better chat about it over a pie and a beer. (two pies for me)

Hey Galen

Thanks for the reply, I totally feel the same. People really do think I'm nuts because I tend to think of the worst possible scenario that could happen and prepare for that and if it doesn't reach that, then that's awesome.

I feel horribly sad for the kids of today. There was a section in a book I read about a year ago and it was literally that "we" as in the collective in general are raising a generation of psychopaths. Kids need nurturing, guidance and discipline. They need to learn things like patience and actually not being able to have everything you want right now as in the plague of instant gratification. You think that people of today are bad wrt basic skills like cooking and writing? I'm almost certain that it's going to get worse and the absolute crap indoctrination in the school curriculums these days? Oy vey.

Yes indeed pie and a good convo about life, the universe and so on - if we ever get out of these perpetual lockdowns.

Glad to read that your bro is in better health now, must have been quite scary for you all.

I'm off to cook lamb and veg stew with my daughter. Soul food

Cheers bud, have a good one.

It's a huge problem, or will be moving forward, and I'm not quite sure why people don't see it. That's psychopath-senario you mention...Sort of scary right? Scary that that's the future. (Present really). I've got no children and sometimes that bothers me, but mostly I'm grateful I don't need to guide my own kids through the turmoil that's sure to come.

I spoke to my bro tonight, still issues but seems in good spirits...Yeah, wasn't the best time but we'll get through it. I appreciate you mentioning it.

Lamb and veg stew sounds like a good Sunday afternoon chore...As does the eating of it later. 😁