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Times Square, New York City


First things first. This is not an instruction. You can find that on one of my other posts, this is more like a bit of backstory filler. All Photos were taken by me and I own them. The job I had before my current, I was a field tower technician. I traveled around the United States doing audits and inspections on cellphone towers for all of the major carriers in North America. I don't want to make this a crazy long post, and bore you with my amateur photography skills so I will only post some of my photos and if requested, I will post more 👍 Disclaimer, this was before I manually set my camera setting for proper scenes. My iso and aperture and even shutter speed was on auto so cut me some slack. Also I am posting this from my phone so sorry if aspect ratios and picture quality is lacking.

Times Square, New York City

Times Square, New York City

Skyscrapers, New York City


Stadium Shot from tower

Long way down at 400feet


Iceberg 23112021004407.jpg
Didn't take the photo, but did make the meme text


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