A group of wise butterflies dancing in the middle of the road

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Hello my brother all, wherever you are. What is the condition of all of you, are you still in good health or vice versa, I can only pray for all of us that we are always protected by Allah SWT.

On this happy occasion, I tried to show some very aesthetic forest butterflies to all of you. I will tell a little when I met them, in the morning my habit was already on the road to the garden, when I arrived halfway to the garden, I saw a group of butterflies fluttering happily on the road.

Then I got off the motorbike and saw them playing in the morning sun. I took my smartphone out of my pocket to take a photo with him.

This is the first time I have seen this type of beautiful butterfly, even they have different shapes, but I see that they are very good friends.

In simple terms, butterflies are distinguished from moths, aka night butterflies, based on their active time and physical characteristics. Butterflies are generally active during the day ( diurnal ), while moths are mostly active at night ( nocturnal ). Butterflies rest or perch by straightening their wings, moths alight by spreading their wings. Butterflies usually have beautiful brilliant colors, moths tend to be dark, dull or gray. However, these differences always have exceptions, so scientifically they cannot be used as a definite guide. (Van Mastrigt and Rosariyanto, 2005).

There are many types of butterflies and moths, on the island of Java and Bali alone there are more than 600 species of butterflies. So far no complete list has been made of the types of moths, but it is suspected that there are hundreds of species (Whitten et al. , 1999). Butterflies are also one of the few types of insects that are harmless to humans.Article Source

This is the most beautiful moment I found, because I very rarely see butterflies in different groups but they are very good friends, even very tame to do taking his photo.

Maybe in the future I won't be able to meet them again, why do I say that because in the past few days I haven't seen them again, in a gathering like this. Thanks


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LocationEarth Aceh

Every butterfly so colorful

Thanks for his visit


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