Name the spaceship that will watch the sun. Competition

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Name the spaceship that will watch the sun. Competition

The European space agency is looking for a name for its new spacecraft whose mission will be to monitor the sun, to detect potentially dangerous solar storms for us in time, especially dangerous for our satellite-based technology.

The spacecraft will travel to a fixed position in space in relation to the sun and the earth to have a side view of the sun, this will give us an advantage, since from its position it will be able to see the sources of dangerous solar activity, such as spots. solar systems before they are visible from the earth with the rotation of the sun, in addition the spacecraft will follow the propagation of solar phenomena as they approach our planet.

To find a name for this mission, the European space agency has organized a contest where anyone from the agency's member states, the cooperating and associated states of the agency, the member states of the European Union, Argentina, may participate. Australia and the partner states of the international space station, there is a deadline to submit proposals until October 17.


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