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This is the clearest image of the moon so far (obviously from Earth's surface) created by Andrew Mccarthy (SWNS) using a telescope in his backyard. Maybe it's not so obvious, but this image is actually a stack of thousands of different shots - fused into one.
Here are few more detailed ones, pretty amazing isn't it?

Images above are taken from physics-astronomy page, the ones below are my own work.

This just motivated me to go and search through some of the moon images I gathered over time, and just to post it here - well, that was the idea, but I ended up creating this contest/challenge.

The idea is: Go out, or go through your archive and get the best photo fo the moon you have; post it in here (astronomy community) and comment the link to your post in the section comment below.

Rewards are not fixed, but all entries will be supported with a small vote, winner will receive all liquid rewards from this post, and if the payout of the post is low (will most likely be), I will probably add more HIVE into the reward pool.

Here are some ground rules:
It's all about the original photography and your story.

  • In order to enter the competition, photos need to have metadata.
  • don't be afraid to tell us your story how/when/why you shot it; what inspired you.
  • Will not decide the winner but there will be a bonus points if you write up something about the moon:
    Your favorite story, legend, scientific explanation, terminology (terminator, hypothesis, water on the moon?), songs about the moon either yours or some other musicians, links are welcome, etc... be creative.

πŸŒ•πŸŒ”πŸŒ“ πŸŒ’πŸŒ‘ πŸŒ’ πŸŒ— 🌘 πŸŒ–

And here is one song as an example :)

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I agree, the details on the first pictures are amazing. I don't even want to imagine the size/cost of the installation. Note that yours are very good as well, and I would restrain myself from making any comparison. This would not be very fair as I assume Mc Carthy should have a much more complex installation than you.

Tagging @astrophoto.kevin!

Thank you for tagging me @lemouth 😊
I will dive into the depths of my hard drive after I'm back from work today. Maybe I will find something showable.
A trick in shooting those moon images is to capture many, many images (hundreds or thousands) and the stack the bests of them. This will reduce atmospheric distortion.

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Do we really have many of them on here? One can easily count them through the fingertips. Astrophoto.kelvin and terrylovejoy come to mind

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I count only two active people around. It has been a while Terry didn't show up.

I’m not able to get something clear. All of mine are blurry

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Great post @svemirac 😊
The images made by McCarthy are really sharp. For me personally these are a little bit too sharp.
For my eyes, your pictures much more pleasant. I don't know about the copyright license of McCarthy's images, but maybe it is possible to use them as a blended layer to yours? I really like your images, they are excellent 😊

Here is the link to my contribution to the contest.

I love these photos, they're spectacular. Yours give a great feeling of depth and atmosphere.. Here is my little entry:

I am glad I made it back around to take a look at the community. Wonderful post and comments. That top moon pic from Andrew Mccarthy is great, and the story was pretty interesting.

I also like your picture of the moon. Now that all the cold is pretty much gone in Alaska with the minus tens and twenties, the sun is up almost until time to sleep. Still we have a few hours of night to take pictures.

Gotta love the Alaskan weather :)
Hope some nice image comes out, in those few hours anything can happen.

Stay safe :)

silly question, I'm a photography newb. How do you get the metadata?

Usually your camera will record data... like date/location and all the options used to create photography.
If the image you plan to upload is your - don't worry about it. It's just that when you upload image on social networks/image clouds they tend to strip off metadata (so... one way to prevent plagiarism is to request metadata :))

ah okay! I found the metadata by right-clicking, which was handy. I was worried that I had to turn that feature on. Because I live in the high arctic and it doesn't get dark anymore so I can't get any new moonshots and will have to use some old ones I captured in feb/april. :D

wait for my entry!!!(:

hey mate, this is my entry! I sawed the contest days ago but was until today that I could post, love.

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