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RE: The Re-Hive Contest - Results Week 65 & Start Week 66

in Shadow Hunters3 months ago (edited)

What an innovative way to share excitement around something cool while also featuring some of the people here on Hive!

Thank you @ryzeonline for your nomination and thank you @pixresteemer for this shoutout!

I’m not really sure how to participate in all of this and with everything that’s going on right now... I’m simply running on all cylinders!

Would someone point me in the right direction as to what it means to be nominated? I fear that I am out of the loop about all of this! Still that being said!

If this is about hunting shadows here’s a post I did about that a little while ago! (At the very bottom) about taking a careful look at the importance of perspective!

I may not be able to participate in this nomination... however I hope that this comment counts for something!

Cheers everybody! 🙌


EDIT: And by the way!!! I nominate @shadowspub! Fitting right?! 😉


@wil.metcalfe , you were nominated, you're in, and I believe you won the random draw, so you're a winner. Nothing else needs done on your part. (I'm new, but this is my understanding, happy to be corrected if wrong.) Any posts you make for the week will get reblogged by @pixresteemer ... pretty cool eh? 🙏

That’s VERY COOL! Thank you so much again for the nomination my friend! 🙌

I’ll be getting back to you and @cynshineonline very soon! Nearly caughtUP on all the volume and backlog!

Thanks so much for agreeing to chat! I know that your super busy so the fact that you trust me with your time means something. #CompoundTrust! 🙌


My pleasure man, keep up the awesome efforts!

All good, I trust that everyone connects when the time is right. :) 🙏