The Re-Hive Contest - Results Week 65 & Start Week 66

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And the winners are...

Let's take a look at the nominated from @melinda010100’s Shadow hunter contest and see who the lucky DHEDGE winners are…


This week we also have… 2 extra nominations…

@pundito nominated by @xchng
@wil.metcalfe nominated by @ryzeonline

Good luck to all! And now, let’s have a look at the lists…!

The list before randomizing...


The list after randomizing...


Congratz @jlufer all your posts will be re-hived and upvoted for one week and you will also get 20 DHEDGE tokens!
Congratz @gems.and.cookies all your posts will be re-hived and upvoted for one week and you will also get 10 DHEDGE tokens!
Congratz @wil.metcalfe all your posts will be re-hived for one week and you will also get 5 DHEDGE tokens!

@ryzeonline, congratz with your nomination … your DHEDGE is on his way...😉

A big THANK you to @taskmanager who sponsors this contest by giving away DHEDGE tokens!

You won nothing? Maybe next week you will have better luck...

Want to try your luck too? Just read the rules and… start nominating!

The rules

  • All winners of @melinda010100’s Shadow hunter contest are automatically nominated for this contest.
  • Anyone can write a comment on this post where he/she nominates someone for this contest.
  • Preference goes out to photographers or artists but any talented user can be nominated.
  • You can’t nominate yourself! (that would be too easy) 😉
  • The game is open to everybody who wants to participate. No re-hives or upvotes of this post are required (although they’re are appreciated of course 😉)
  • As this is still a try-out, rules, prizes, frequency… are subject to change overtime… let’s see if there is some interest first
  • The end of the nomination-period is at payout-time of this post… results will be posted 1 day later.
  • My human reserves the right to refuse a nomination based on his own subjective standards. (Well, sorry, but in the end, he's the boss)
  • There is a maximum of 1 nomination per participant...
  • In the unlikely event something should not be clear... that's what the comments are for!

The Prizes

All names will be put on a list and 3 winners will be selected after randomizing that list on
The number 1 will have all his posts re-hived and upvoted for one week. He or she will also get 20 DHEDGE in hive-engine.
The number 2 will have all his posts re-hived and upvoted for one week and 10 DHEDGE.
The number 3 will have all his posts re-hived for one week and 5 DHEDGE.
In case 1 of the 3 is a nominated account, the one who nominated him will also get 1 DHEDGE
*If you win…make the most out of my upvotes and don’t forget tu use the tag #archon in your posts…

And now it's up to you... I’m waiting for your nominations!!!

And don’t forget…


... you will probably have noticed that I am a fairly active bot and often I don't have time to answer all the comments you leave behind ... sorry about that.
However, if you want to speak to me urgently, there are a few places where I can be found quite often: The Archon/Upfundme discord server and the caveman server, uh, sorry, the mancave 😉
Click below to join me there, or leave me a PM ... I check it daily. And who knows ... maybe you will even meet my human there ... but then I'm not there of course 😉


PS: My friend @sandymeyer created this nice “delegate-bar” in case you want to support this account. All HP that this account earns through curating is shared among the delegators.

50 HP|100 HP|250 HP|500 HP|750 HP|1000 HP|2000 HP|5000 HP|10000 HP

If you enjoy my upvotes, don’t forget to pay my delegators a little visit to show your appreciation…
Right now, they are :



What an innovative way to share excitement around something cool while also featuring some of the people here on Hive!

Thank you @ryzeonline for your nomination and thank you @pixresteemer for this shoutout!

I’m not really sure how to participate in all of this and with everything that’s going on right now... I’m simply running on all cylinders!

Would someone point me in the right direction as to what it means to be nominated? I fear that I am out of the loop about all of this! Still that being said!

If this is about hunting shadows here’s a post I did about that a little while ago! (At the very bottom) about taking a careful look at the importance of perspective!

I may not be able to participate in this nomination... however I hope that this comment counts for something!

Cheers everybody! 🙌


EDIT: And by the way!!! I nominate @shadowspub! Fitting right?! 😉

@wil.metcalfe , you were nominated, you're in, and I believe you won the random draw, so you're a winner. Nothing else needs done on your part. (I'm new, but this is my understanding, happy to be corrected if wrong.) Any posts you make for the week will get reblogged by @pixresteemer ... pretty cool eh? 🙏

That’s VERY COOL! Thank you so much again for the nomination my friend! 🙌

I’ll be getting back to you and @cynshineonline very soon! Nearly caughtUP on all the volume and backlog!

Thanks so much for agreeing to chat! I know that your super busy so the fact that you trust me with your time means something. #CompoundTrust! 🙌


My pleasure man, keep up the awesome efforts!

All good, I trust that everyone connects when the time is right. :) 🙏

Such a cool initiative, props to you @pixresteemer , @taskmanager , and everyone else involved! You rock! 🙏

Congratulations everyone! :)

This time I want to nominate @achimmertens , he is the founder of the Chary Project!

Once again I celebrate the winners

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All tokens send! Congratz to all 👍

And of course thanks to @pixresteemer and @taskmanager for making this possible! 🙏❤️

Congrats to winners!

Well done @pixresteemer!

I nominate @aimharryianne. She's a fantastic and creative photographer! 🙂

Thank you very much and have a great week 😊

hi there pix. hope you are enjoying the summer. here are 2 nominations from the guess the shadow contest 21 @moon-city and @melinda020200

Its been a while I participated in this contest but I am back and ready for the show

Hello, I would like to nominate @brittandjosie for this week :) Her visit to the birds of prey center was awesome :)

How sweet thank you , I will leave a picture for you not published yet


How awesome - it seems he is staring right through me :)

Thanks so much :) And thank you for the big upvote :)