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RE: [ENG] Crystal Park - Minimalist building whose tower concept is based on a perforated cube / [ESP] Parque Cristal - Edificación minimalista cuyo concepto de torre esta basado en un cubo perforado

The Crystal Park is indeed another award-winning work of architecture from the beautiful Venezuelan capital city of Caracas! Despite its old age of around 44 years since its initial opening to the public in 1977, I'm still truly amazed by the building's timeless appearance due to the simplicity and minimalism of its design! Thank you @memj0310 for educating us on another significant architectural landmark from your region!


     Good morning, I hope this one's fine. Thank you for your comment, I hope to present to the community other magnificent works of my country, and many of the projects and works done by me in the profession of engineer.

     Buenos días, espero este muy bien. Gracias por su comentario, espero exponer o presentar a la comunidad otras magnificas obras de mi país, y muchos de los proyectos y trabajos realizados por mi en la profesión de ingeniero.


This content is indeed an excellent showcase of your city of Caracas! We are genuinely excited to see and experience more architectural and design treasures from your country Venezuela and personal civil engineering projects done by you. Thank you so much for constantly publishing to the Architecture+Design Community! Have a great day!

Thank you for such a nice review. I'll keep sharing my work. Have a Happy Day.