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RE: [ENG]Architectural spaces, art and nature of the Metropolitan University of Caracas [ESP] Espacios arquitectónicos, arte y naturaleza de la Universidad Metropolitana de Caracas

Hello Benjamin. We are truly blessed to have you, a distinguished educator, for us to witness the different architectural splendors of renowned universities in Venezuela. Likewise, it’s a privilege to be shown inside the Metropolitan University of Caracas to be inspired by its beautiful details and designs plus the awesome learning environments that encompass the campus.

Congratulations to your great friend’s honorable achievement. Together with our remarkable comrade @marcosmilano71 who happens to belong to the same profession of teaching as you, we thank you as well for your marvelous contributions to the Architecture+Design Community. Take care and kind regards. 😊


Hello dear Erne, you flatter me with your words, I do not stop being one more, together with the dear friend Marcos Milano, within the plethora of teachers, in their different but very indispensable levels, that we try to do our best to create the generation of replacement professionals, to make this a better world. I must confess that it was the first time that I was on the premises of this prestigious private university and on an occasion of personal rejoicing, since the honoree worked with me, side by side, during the 6 years of my dean at UCV and with whom I join years of friendship and academic respect. It is a pity that I had not been able to visit some other buildings that I saw on my tour and that I found to be of great architectural caliber. Receive a fraternal hug and my thanks for your words of encouragement.

Hello good friend Erne @storiesoferne Thanks for the deference. It is a pleasure for me to be one more of this wonderful community; It is also an honor to have outstanding friends such as Dr. Benjamín Sánchez Mujica @besamu and with you my dear Erne. By the way, on one occasion the respected friend Benjamin gave me the opportunity to make a brief profile of him. This way he left it for you so that, if you like it, you can read it. Profile of a friend.

Hola buen amigo Erne @storiesoferne Gracias por la deferencia. Es un placer para mi ser uno mas de esta maravillosa comunidad; también es un honor contar con prominentes amigos como el Doctor Benjamín Sánchez Mujica @besamu y con usted mi querido Erne. Por cierto en una oportunidad el respetado amigo Benjamín me concedió la posibilidad de hacer una breve semblanza de él. Por aquí se la dejo para que, si usted lleva gusto, pueda leerla. Semblanza de un amigo.

With utmost pleasure always my friend Marcos @marcosmilano71. I browsed the remarkable profile article you've published for Benjamin @besamu last year, and I'm truly impressed by your kind gesture of dedicating a special blog post just for him. Although it's in Spanish, I can feel the magnificent and emotional words sprouting to life from the page. Looks like you've been dear friends for a long time already, and I'm sincerely humbled by the fact that both of you, esteemed gentlemen, have made the Architecture+Design Community one of your favorite homes on Hive. We are definitely grateful and honored by your presence. Thank you very much for staying with us. More power! 😊