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RE: [ENG] Crystal Park - Minimalist building whose tower concept is based on a perforated cube / [ESP] Parque Cristal - Edificación minimalista cuyo concepto de torre esta basado en un cubo perforado

The simplicity of its form and material selections make it a stunning work of architecture. It's great that you have included sketches of the perspective, section, access and natural ventilation diagrams. Great post!


     Good morning, thank you very much for the comment and for your support.

     This is a structure worth visiting, gives an approach, to pedestrian access as a square, where passers-by can cross the entire block through the building, to go to the rest of Los Palos Grande, makes people access the building and solves the high slopes or the different heights that exist between the streets that relate , using the stairwells. On a first level gives an access-square, a second level as a circulation center and then a patio with shops and trees that allows connection with the upper street through another access. All this as a contribution to the city, managing to cross the square with recreational schemes.

     Buenos días, muchas gracias por el comentario y por su apoyo.

     Esta es una estructura que vale la pena visitar, da un enfoque al acceso peatonal como plaza, donde los transeúntes pueden atravesar la manzana completa a través del edificio, para ir al resto de Los Palos Grande, hace que la gente acceda al edificio y resuelve los altos desniveles o las diferentes alturas que existen entre las calles que relaciona, mediante los núcleos de escaleras. En un primer nivel da un acceso-plaza, un segundo nivel como núcleo de circulación y luego un patio con comercios y árboles que permite la conexión con la calle superior a través de otro acceso. Todo esto como aporte a la ciudad, logrando atravesar la plaza con esquemas recreativos.


Thank you for highlighting this fact. It definitely enhances the quality of living of pedestrians passing through here daily as well as the users' experience.

Thank you for your feedback and for supporting my content. Have a happy day.