NAIRA LOSING VALUE || The inflation in prices is hitting Nigerians

The devaluation of the Naira is no longer news to my dear country however, I am so much concerned about its negative effects on us. How did we get here? $1 = #710? This is not good news and I feel so much pain about how the poor masses are suffering nowadays. The prices of so many things are on the increase and if our president and CBN fail to act fast, then I see the dollar climbing above #1,000 before the next presidential election. That means the hardship we are facing now is still the elementary part🤔

So I was at the slot last week to get a new phone as the one I am using kept having different issues.


Before I traveled 3 weeks ago, I priced this phone but then decided of buying it after I return to Lagos state since it was for an occasion I was going for and I wouldn't want a scratch on my new phone by anybody in my village 🤩. I should have known that dollars will increase before I was set to purchase this phone because I was so sad with the extra #20,000 increase in price just in a space of 2 weeks.


Honestly, I needed this new phone but then seeing the high price increase got me in a place of indecision. I was like, maybe I should wait for the dollar to calm down a bit before buying this phone but then, I decided to chat with my Neoxian city friends in our group to seek advice. @b0s, @vickoly, @quduus1, and @burlarj have been amazing friends of mine in the city, not only because of this phone advice but in general knowledge about this blockchain, wow, they have been super helpful to my growth via knowledge and so they suggested I should just buy it that way because no one can predict our naira and dollar any longer and that the value of naira by might keep depreciating by dollar increase thereby causing the price of things to keep skyrocketing. Of course, they were right because my recent findings are in line with those words too. I bought it oo, it's my blogging tool and I needed it even with the high price.


In summary, the dollar increase is a benefit to those of us in Nigeria earning in USD but then, the effect will overshadow the benefit due to inflation in the prices of things here. We will end up spending higher just like I did now. A whopping extra 20k was gone😥, just because of this mess we found ourselves. Well, I only hope that it will get better but for now, hard work is needed for everyone to meet up with the economic challenge.

Thanks for reading !!!

Please note: All pictures are mine

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The promised Land is filled with milk and honey. I wonder what we can boast of in this country. Haha.

Our economy is in a deep mess and things are getting so hard. Economic challenge is becoming unbearable on people.

Nonetheless, when expenses come, the least we can do is to settle the ones we can settle and hope to not burn ourselves in the process.

The new phone is important. After all, it's not just for WhatsApp status. Hahah. It is a good investment ✌️.

Yesoo, we shouldn't burn ourselves in the process of handling expenses this day. Sometimes, I just imagine how some people survive this mess but it's well! I can only be positive and pray for a better Nigeria.

WhatsApp status is no longer on the picture so much🤓...we have found a better path and investing in it isn't a bad idea🤩🤩👍👍🤗🤗

Thanks for your visit bro 👍

congratulations on your new phone nkem, well we earn higher and spend higher, still fair, my pity goes to those who earn lower and spend higher...

Thank you so much burl
I only wish we can have a better Nigeria though 👍

hmm not sure that is going to happen anytime soon, the damage is bigger than we all see or think

You are right but how about many Nigerians coming out to vote for a good man that will help us amend some things a bit? Don't you think it's achievable?

i think your definition of a good man is Peter Obi, i can't say how good he is until he is giving a chance to prove himself, so i guess we can only observe

It's well, I can't totally trust him though but he still remains the manageable person among other ones

Congratulations on your new mobile phone dear, I'm happy I can be of help in my little way, now I know the days of lagging experience from the old phones is finally over.

It's so painful the rate at which our currency keep depreciating, I hope things get back to normal soon.

Keep up the good work.

The days of my phone lagging are over😝🤩🤩🤩
Thanks so much for your support 👍

You're welcome.

Congratulations for the new purchase of phone.
Hmmm my sister I kept wondering too about the devaluation of naira. I think it calls for prayers so that God would intervene.

Not only prayers oo but with fasting, 🤣🤓🤓
Thanks so much 👍

Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 mooma, you need something that moves in a flash to post with and I guess your new phone has the speed to take you far, and about our country,oh am far away from home😂😂🏃🏃🏃... Congratulations on your new baby

Hahaha, thank you so much fox

My phone, my new baby🤩🤩🤩🤫🤫🤫

Congrats on the new phone Nkem.

This inflation is something else. Just hoping it doesn't get to 1k. Even those earning in dollars are getting affected by the inflation, so sad for those who are earning the same salary every month in naira. One month their salary can satisfy them, the next month the money is no longer enough.

By the way, you look great 😁


Just hoping it doesn't get to 1k.

Same here 🙏

Everyone is affected honestly, the money at hand no matter how big it is vanishes with just mild expenses.

By the way, you look great 😁
Awwwnn, I am blushing 🤗🥰😊😏😏

Thank you Holy Bos🤫

You're welcome 😊 🙏


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Wow, thank you so much @kenechukwu97 . You are loved bro🥳🤗🥰🥰💃💃💃

When I saw your message the 20k was added to the phone in that hive naija engagement post, I shouted Ah! That's massive.

I am not really surprised because this government are full of thieves and I hope we produce a better government in the coming election..

Oppo phone, you be boss lady. No be small oh!

Honestly, our government isn't helping this matter cos I see no action on board. Imagine the slot selling at the current dollar rate even when the phone was old stock. Of course, everyone is taking advantage of this mess even some market women that no nothing about dollar increase, all join 🤩🤩

Boss lady? Hahaha
I am just me, Nkem🥰🤗🤗

Thanks for your compliments 👍

Wow, but thank God you got it sha, cause we don't know tomorrow, me that was thinking of getting a phone before the year runs out, nawa o.

The standard of living in our dear country keep increasing every blessed day... Just like you've rightly said, Even though we earn in USD it still bounce back on us as we end up spending more to purchase things.

Congratulations on your new phone.