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RE: A Wild Sprite - A new beginning

in Game Development5 months ago

I personally struggle so much with using multiple scenes that I also try to stuff as much into one as humanly possible. Is that Unity that you're using?


Same here, actually I would love to don't use them because I love the concept of having a fully explorable world without artificial transition. Building a cohesive map is something I love but until I learn how to stream data in chunks I have to go the room/scene way.

I'm using game maker studio 2. It dosen't have scenes it has Room instances wich work kinda the same

I've not used Game Maker before, but I suspect there are a lot of similarities.

I have a map for a game that I'd like to work on, but having to deal with Scenes was enough to drive me away from it. I think I'd rather design games than code them.

Yes though Game maker is a bit rough on the pure design stuff other then the built in pixel editor.
I like to code the game but often I would like too to go straight to design stuff 😂