A Wild Sprite - A new beginning

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Just a quick update as I have take back up A Wild Sprite. I thought that with somethings I learned from making other
games I could fledge more out the original idea that was dumbed down due to not knowing the eventual constraints that I have run into(For example the fact of having the whole game world play in the same Room/scene is still utopistic so I'm gonna cut down to interconnected rooms).

So going back to the drawing board I layed down what I needed first to start designing this interconnected world and the first thing is room swapping back and forth and the use of varius doors to make a coherent explorable world. It works pretty well but now I have to understand how to make it work with the movable checkpoint system. If you fail in a room the idea is to respawn at your last placed checkpoint even if is in another room, instead of the entry point of the last room.
So this is the next task ahead hopefully I can work it out without to much pain.

If someone got some ideas they are welcome.

Some code snippets

Generic Creation code for the Collision dection object to take you to the other room, this is the standard code for the obj_transition object

The specific object Creation wich is used for different obj_transition, each one has to be different to take you to the specific location it points to

Meta controller code to put the player in the new room entrance with the coordinates passed by obj_transition through obj_player


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I personally struggle so much with using multiple scenes that I also try to stuff as much into one as humanly possible. Is that Unity that you're using?

Same here, actually I would love to don't use them because I love the concept of having a fully explorable world without artificial transition. Building a cohesive map is something I love but until I learn how to stream data in chunks I have to go the room/scene way.

I'm using game maker studio 2. It dosen't have scenes it has Room instances wich work kinda the same

I've not used Game Maker before, but I suspect there are a lot of similarities.

I have a map for a game that I'd like to work on, but having to deal with Scenes was enough to drive me away from it. I think I'd rather design games than code them.

Yes though Game maker is a bit rough on the pure design stuff other then the built in pixel editor.
I like to code the game but often I would like too to go straight to design stuff 😂

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