How To Read Body Language As A Businessman - Final Part

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Hello everyone, hope you all are doing good? I'm back with the Part 2 of this amazing topic, How To Read Body Language As A Businessman. If you haven't read the Part 1, I strongly suggest you that by clicking here. As a businessman, you should be a able to read someone without them even talking, by observing their body language. Body language says things that a person may think he is concealing, but his body language is revealing. In this article I will be revealing two ways on how you can be able to read body language. So sit back and look for somewhere quite quiet and comfortable as you read through this amazing article I created just for you.


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Folded Hands & Tapping Feet

You can know what someone is thinking by them folding their hands or tapping their feet. Whenever you see a folded hands, that indicates that the person is holding back on sharing his thoughts. It's as though the person is bottling his thoughts towards you. It actually doesn't mean the person is lying to you, the person just don't want to say what is actually on his mind to you. It might be that the person is holding back on saying hurtful or inciting words to you or the person is just observing you and trying to understand you by not revealing much of himself to you at first. But just know that, when a person is folding his hands, it actually indicates that the person doesn't want to share his actual thoughts with you.

Tapping feet on the other hand, shows that a person is either impatient or nervous around you. It is quite simple to know when a person is nervous and when a person is impatient. Tapping of the feet will be faster when a person is nervous. I know that from real life experience. When you are waiting for an appointment or when someone is talking too long, you will involuntarily start tapping your feet. Quite slowly as not to create much attention, so that the person you are talking to doesn't get to notice it. But when you are nervous, you are unconcerned about anything, you will just notice that your feet are tapping fast, because you are worried and you are trying to cool yourself down by releasing some of the tension by tapping your feet. The more nervous or worried you get, the more you will be tapping your feet.


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Fiddling With Cloth

Many of us fiddle with our clothes without knowing. Some of you might realize today by reading this article, that you sometimes do fiddle with your clothes. When someone is fiddling with his cloth, it indicates nervousness. This nervousness is not mainly towards you worrying about something, it is mainly you been a bit shy. Do try to remember when you are talking with a beautiful girl or a handsome boy, and you get a bit nervous, you will involuntarily, head for your clothes and start fiddling it. It is a way your body tries to release your shyness towards the person. Also, when someone fiddles with his cloth, it also indicates that the person is poorly dressed for an occasion. You don't see this often, but when you notice a person is fiddling with his cloth, breaking eye contact and rushing his speech, it surely indicates that the person feels he is poorly depressed. This is helpful to businessmen, because when you notice that someone is fiddling his/her cloth when talking with you, it shows you have control over the person, just a little persuasion, the person will do anything you ask from him/her.


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I hope you all found the article interesting and exciting. Do well to share your thoughts about the article in the comment section below. Thanks

I will leaving this amazing quote from Ricky Gervais;

Body language is more powerful than words. Source



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Hi @menoski, no doubt our behavior says a lot about who we are and what we do, I had hints about the information we could extract from the body language of others and when I extrapolate it to myself I realize that your way of providing the meaning of each movement are very accurate. Thank you for your contribution

Thanks for your very nice comment @madridbg

Is this body language for all people? or just for entrepreneurs?

I think this article is very good for understanding the meaning of one's activities. Thanks @menoski

It essentially for everyone, but I wrote it specifically for entrepreneurs.

Thanks for your nice comment @barvon

Hello friend, certainly I have also given blows with my feet, I think it comes naturally to me sometimes, it is a little difficult to control it, you must first realize and be aware of why you do it. Thanks for your clarifications. Greetings!

Yeah, it happens naturally without you having control over it, it is your body sending a message to the other person. But most times, the other person don't normally read the message. But now you have an edge as you can read other peoples' body language.

Thanks for your wonderful contribution @franyeligonzalez

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You're welcome @menoski, well done ;)

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