APPLIED TECHNOLOGY// Ceramic membranes and internal combustion engines, a sustainable alternative

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Dear members of the @project.hope community, who are passionate about technology issues with scientific and practical applications. We would like to introduce you to one of the inventions that have revolutionized the automotive industry, the internal combustion engine, which, with the use of ceramic membranes, does not generate any emission of pollutant gases into the environment. Becoming an alternative with projections towards sustainability.

Fig. 2. Environmental protection depends on everyone and technology is indispensable in achieving this. Author:Anja🤗#helpinghands #solidarity#stays healthy

The new device was developed by a multidisciplinary team that make life Institute of Chemical Technology (ITQ) and the Polytechnic University of Valencia. The researchers managed to eliminate all the harmful gases that pollute the internal combustion of the equipment, through a process of liquefying the internal and surrounding carbon dioxide, which allows the device to operate in a clean and respecting the welfare and environmental care.

Chemically, the integration of the membranes to the engine allows a controlled and selective separation of oxygen from the air, which through a process of oxide combustion is obtained a pure mixture of water and carbon dioxide, which are stored internally and are transformed as the equipment operates, without the need to release it into our environment.

Fig. 3. We must fight for a planet free of pollutants. Author: kalhh

In the opinion of José Manuel Serra, a participant in the project:
"This type of engine has the autonomy and refueling capacity that a conventional one can have today" but "with the advantage that it is completely clean, without any type of polluting emission or greenhouse effect”.

Another advantage of this type of engine is that it can be used as a generator of carbon dioxide on an industrial scale, since it is stored internally under high pressure and with a high level of purity in equipment provided for this purpose, giving it a subsequent use at the level of manufacturing industries.

So far the projections point towards the use of heavy machinery and vehicles for transporting goods, either by air, sea or land that allow them to fulfill the dual purpose mentioned above.

Without a doubt, the design of this type of equipment is a great advance at the technological level and at the level of environmental care. Likewise, we will be attentive to the process of implementation on a macro scale so that we can evaluate the contributions achieved. Therefore, I invite you to leave your perspective in the comment section of our current paper, which will allow us to relate different points of view.


[1] JULIO GARCÍA FAYOS. Oxygen separation by means of asymmetric membranes. Polytechnic University of Valencia Superior Council of Scientific Research. Chemical Technology Institute Article: Online Access


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Greetings friend @madridbg

Every day, something ends up surprising us, I confess that I had not heard information about internal combustion engine, which will use ceramic membranes, whose effect does not generate any emission of pollutant gases into the environment, without doubt, a breakthrough in this of designing more environmentally friendly technologies. Great publication, best regards.

Greetings @lupafilotaxia, every day there are more advances in environmental care, however, we have not yet evolved 100% on this issue. Thanks for your comment.

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Very important all technologies that can effectively contribute to the development of humanity in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, greetings and thanks for sharing.

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