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Since they learned about the new changes in WhatsApp policies, which, apparently, threaten the privacy of users' personal data, a massive migration of the user base to other platforms and messaging services has been unleashed.

Much has been said about this policy change. Accusations of all kinds have created an opinion matrix based on speculation. The truth is that this move was very expensive for WhatsApp, since it lost many customers.

One of the companies that experienced an escalation of massive subscriptions caused by migration from WhatsApp is Telegram:

During the first week of January, Telegram exceeded 500 million active monthly users. After this, it continued to grow: 25 million new users came to Telegram in the last 72 hours" Source

According to statements by its founder, the Russian Pavel Dúrov.

These figures should make companies think about the handling of sensitive information from their customers.
It is very common that in order to register in any exchange and be able to enjoy all the services, we always have to face a KYC process.
For many people, this can cause a rejection of these platforms, since they prefer to keep their data and personal information, private and not share it with anyone.


As a result of these events, an African company based in Sierraleone (Techfrica), which was founded by the application developer and self-taught website designer: Alhassan Hafiz Bakarr-Kanu, launched an application similar to WhatsApp that focuses on in the needs of users in the continent, called "Supfrica", which was downloaded more than 100,000 times in a period of 3 days, although it was not yet the official launch.

Supfrica APK - Googleplay

This application was developed considering the conditions of the communications technology base available in most countries and cities in Africa, since, for the most part, the digital telephone network does not exceed 2G, this prevents the good performance of applications like WhatsApp, which has been discontinued for many models of Smartphones with old operating systems.

Despite the exponential growth of African cities, the continent's population remains largely rural. More than 59% of Africans still live in the countryside. In these areas it is not uncommon to see a latest-generation smartphone, however, due to the limited digital telephone network, it is often impossible to receive messages, send photos and videos, as well as calls and video-calls, through such widely used messaging applications.


I recently read our friend @ramsesuchiha's post about the book "Blue Ocean Strategy".

Quoting a phrase from that post we find:

Contrary to this blue ocean, there is a red ocean full of blood and war between companies that compete in saturated markets, with few customers and little room for growth.

This refers to those economic wars that occur in markets that are already saturated with supply. What causes competitions that are often unfair.

Having the ability to innovate in other areas where there is not yet great competition, is what makes companies successful.
In other cases there is also the factor of creativity and of being able to offer a "substantial improvement" to an existing product.

In the case of Supfrica, its creator thought about the needs of a vast base of potential users on the African continent and created a product that until now has no competition, so its future in the short term looks totally successful.



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This is a clear example of how entrepreneurs find and create opportunities with new solutions like this platform, dealing with the country's limited resources has allowed the use of telephones old or discontinued, so that people can continue to communicate.

I have no doubt that in a short time this application will go viral and be adopted by the largest number of people in South Africa.

Hi there @reinaldoverdu.

I imagine that to begin with the development of this App, previously a market study had to be carried out that determined the true needs of the population.

Hi @juanmolina
You mention a 2g network and I am impressed, with so much progress but there are many continents or countries that have such a level. I think it is a clear sign of pathetic policies. I hope for the sake of African brothers that this reality will change for the better one day.
This application you mention I think it came from a genius, a great entrepreneur and visionary. I wish it will be very successful and that it can solve a problem.

Hi there @josevas217.

In my opinion, the creator and developer of this App is a visionary and intelligent man. In addition, he had the necessary tools and professional training.

As you say, I also hope that this product will benefit many African brothers.

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Hi dear friend @juanmolina
When you have no competition, you keep the entire market and your company grows a lot, I am happy for the people of Africa who can enjoy better communication while this company provides them with a good service.

Hi there @ramsesuchiha.

This is one of the virtues of a truly successful entrepreneur: having the vision to decide which is the best field and time to invest in any economic activity.

This application is an example of the importance of taking into account the needs of the people, while there is greater competition in the development of applications that need better connectivity, this venture bet on solving a problem of their environment, something that may allow it to expand to other regions that have the same needs.

Hi there @emiliomoron.

I see this as part of an adaptation process. Since the actual connectivity conditions are not favorable, then creativity had to be put to the test and the product adapted to achieve the best performance.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Hello @juanmolina
I hope that the situation of our African brothers and sisters will change for the better for them.
Supfrica APK, reviewing the GooglePlay information you provide, the % of negative opinions (1 star) are quite high in relation to the total number, which would mean that there is still a lot of work to do before reaching the proposed success.
Best regards.

Hi there @janettyanez.

You have been very suspicious when looking at the number of opinions.
The news of the number of downloads surprised me greatly, but knowing that the opinions are not favorable indicates that the product is not completely finished yet.

Greetings @juanmolina, I am surprised by the vision of the future that many of us can develop, in the case of the creator of the application it is surprising the initiative he took since the launch of the app is aimed at a particular group of users, when many of us are aiming at the 5G network, this visionary seeks to strengthen its foundations through a network that currently seems obsolete (2G). Thank you for your contribution

Hello dear @madridbg

You're right, I too think this has been a great business move based on a very smart vision.
In addition, he must have been very aware of the technological reality of his country, as well as the needs of the population.