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RE: 3 ways to avoid burnout if you work from home.

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Hello @focusnow
This is particularly important, because I'm working from home too, but I think I need to get organized with my schedule, because I'm a bit tired, I think, and I overdo it a bit sometimes. I have the space, but I get stuck and I don't stop, I must put myself a little more control, otherwise the exhaustion will win.
Good theme, very current and in line with reality.


True @josevas217. I work from home too since January this year when I lost my office. I use to have clients call by 11pm. Sometimes I work till almost daybreak. But then I realized I was doing lots of stuff wrong just because am at home. So I got re-organized and decided to write this post.

Good thing you managed to get organized, it's necessary. For health, for peace, for many good things.
It is a good contribution @focusnow