3 ways to avoid burnout if you work from home.

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Working from hoe or working remotely is one of the breakout consequences of the COVID-19. Even before the pandemic, lots of Entrepreneurs have a dual use of their home; as a place where they live and as a place of work. There are many good things that may come from working from home such as saving the time and stress that would have been spent on traffic shuttling from home. Working from home may also contribute to efficiency as one is more settled and remarkably more product in comfortable environment only avialable at home. The benefits are many. However, there are 2 sides to every coin and working from home is not exempted. One of the down sides of working from home is burnout.

Burnout is a situation where one experiences complete exhaustion and feeling mentally, physically or emotionally drained because of stress from working under pressure or working too much. Burnout is all too common if you work from home where it may be difficult to stick to some work schedules. So if you work from home, there are a few guidelines to help you avoid situations that could lead to burn out. Here are just 3 of such precautionary steps.

Reduce Burn out in 3 ways

1. Set your work schedule: This is the very most difficult but important part of avoiding burn out. You need to set your schedule as though you were working away from home. There should be a time to start work, time to take a break and when to close for the day. Its easier said than done, isn't it? But its something that must be done. Let your clients know that they should not expect you to take work-related calls deep in the middle of the night or very early in the morning. Let them know when you start and end for the day. Its not always easy, but if you have self-discipline, you should be able to work within the schedule. You could be flexible anyway, but avoid being available all the time. If you are a remote worker, discuss with your employee to arrange a flexible schedule that will not encroach into your personal life. When you work according to a schedule, you reduce the possibility of overtime which happens often when people work from home.

2. Design a workspace: You need to create a work environment and some privacy even while working from home. The environment and your work tools matter. You are not supposed to be typing out in front of your computer screen while sitting on the sofa. The kids (if you are married) can be a source of distraction. Other family activities like kids watching TV and playing around could contribute to a stressful working environment. So however it is, you want to make out a space somewhere in your home where you will call your office. It must not look professional, but must have essential furniture like a good office desk and comfortable chair. This will ensure more efficiency than when you are working from the dinning table. When you make a small working "office" at home, you reduce stress and avoid burnout.

3. Give yourself enough rest: It is all too easy to forget about talking good care of yourself when you work from home. You want to rest sufficiently and make sure your health is as important as your work. Take needed breaks from work such as holidays or work-free days. Have a schedule for exercising, relaxing and recovering from work-related stress and strain. When you take enough rest, your mind and body are better position and renewed to work more productively the next time you resume.


Burnout is dangerous and could start a journey towards poor health and performance decline. Try as much as possible to balance your work with personal life. Do not allow any to suffer. Working from home is a sweet thing and enjoyable if you are alert to do it the right way. But there is always the danger of burnout if things are not kept in check.


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Very educative post.. avoiding procrastination will reduce burn out too.

Very interesting your publication, I got very familiar with it, since I'm working from home and if it's really difficult to comply with all that hehe... especially the schedule, I particularly made my own scheme or organizational plan, where I include the very well established schedules and moments of rest, obviously there are days where you want I do not comply to the letter but I'm focused on it.

Hello @focusnow
This is particularly important, because I'm working from home too, but I think I need to get organized with my schedule, because I'm a bit tired, I think, and I overdo it a bit sometimes. I have the space, but I get stuck and I don't stop, I must put myself a little more control, otherwise the exhaustion will win.
Good theme, very current and in line with reality.

True @josevas217. I work from home too since January this year when I lost my office. I use to have clients call by 11pm. Sometimes I work till almost daybreak. But then I realized I was doing lots of stuff wrong just because am at home. So I got re-organized and decided to write this post.

Good thing you managed to get organized, it's necessary. For health, for peace, for many good things.
It is a good contribution @focusnow

Good and useful advice, especially the part of having a designated space for work and should also be taken in c and e it is advisable to dress for work and avoid do it in underwear or at home this creates a habit and makes work serious.

you have shared very good ways to avoid burnout thanks for the amazing information. this is very helpful post for today's condition. superb

Excellent article on how to avoid burnout when working from home @focusnow. I've never worked from home, having retired from a 30 year career in a 9 - 5 office environment. I do have relatives who work from home for numerous years. They experienced burnout also. The tips you recommend is widely known on how to prevent this. Even though you do work at home, you definitely have to separate your home work life from your personal life.

Don't sit through your scheduled lunch hour still working with food at your designated work space. Get up and go out of the house for lunch. Go for a walk, Go shopping or exercising. I know it's difficult to do and easy to get into a rut, but for your mental work health, it's absolutely necessary.

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