Use of drones as a technological tool to support agricultural production

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Dear readers, drones are unmanned vehicles or aircraft that can be handled remotely and have begun to be used in different areas because of the great potential it has when wanting to obtain information on land surfaces where it is often difficult to reach in a short time, the advantage of this type of device is that they can have integrated cameras and sensors that allow to capture images and collect data to make successful diagnoses on agricultural areas.

Collecting information with the use of drones

Design made by @amestyj 2020, with image of public domain CIAT 2016

In the agricultural areas, this technological device has become a useful tool, since it speeds up the work required in the field, taking into account that many agricultural production units have large areas of land, even exceeding 1000 hectares (1 ha=10,000 m2), part of which may have hilly areas that are difficult for the producer to access, such as forest areas intended to maintain the balance of the ecosystem.

Based on these premises, generally the use given to drones in agricultural areas is for the topographic survey of the surface, since this allows the digitization of a fraction of the area intended for crops and the producer will know exactly the area of his farm and can distribute the different items you want to sow in an orderly manner, allocating a certain amount of land for each item.

With the drones, you can obtain aerial photographs that can provide relevant information about the farm, some devices are equipped with cameras that are capable of creating 3D digitized models, being able to measure surface and volume of the areas. Besides, videos can also be recorded that allow to observe if there was any change in the boundaries of the farm, the best thing is that these activities are performed in record time, according to some companies that provide such services, between 150 to 500 hectares can be diagnosed per day.

Rice crop monitoring at CIAT headquarters in Colombia.

Design made by @amestyj 2020, with image of public domain CIAT 2016

On the other hand, some researchers from Colombian Universities such as González, Amarillo, Amarillo and Sarmiento (2015), indicated that in precision agriculture drones are essential, because, through some devices, agricultural remote sensing can be performed by obtaining information on plant species present on agricultural surfaces without being in contact with them, The same authors mention that hyperspectral cameras are used to capture information of the electromagnetic spectrum including the visible spectrum and added to it infrared or thermal cameras to obtain different spectrum bands.

It is impressive how through the drones by means of images and information captured by sensors, it is possible to make diagnoses on fertilization, disease detection and timely determination of the optimal time for harvesting crops, among other important activities for agricultural production.

Dear readers, once again we can observe the significant advances of technology in the agricultural and livestock sector, technologies that with a balanced use can have great success, since, the use of this type of tools by professionals of the agricultural area would generate incredible results due to the wide knowledge on agronomic aspects that present what would be translated in an optimal analysis on the current situation of the farm. This type of technology should be integrated into the countries' agricultural plans so that small and medium-scale producers can make use of these tools.

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- González, A.; Amarillo, G.; Amarillo, M. and Sarmiento, F. (2015). Drones applied to precision agriculture. Specialized Engineering Magazine, Volume 10.

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Greetings friend, undoubtedly it can become very useful for the collection of information and implementation of fertilizers among other agronomic activities, the idea is not to replace human labor on the contrary there should be a synergy between technology-man.

See you later, have an excellent Sunday !

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Greetings @amestyj, excellent approach that you share with us associated with the application of drone technology in agricultural areas and more when it can reduce work times and make the process more efficient. Congratulations and keep reading

Greetings dear friend @madridbg, time is a determining factor in any activity, as you well know the agricultural surfaces tend to be very extensive, with the help of these devices we can accelerate the activities and have efficient results especially if the information is analyzed by a specialist in the agricultural area.

See you later, have an excellent Sunday !

How are you dear friend @amestyj good night
How good it is to read your post, we are always pleasantly surprised, I loved the information that you have sent us, I appreciate it very much.
I take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful night and a happy rest
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Greetings dear friend @jlufer, I am glad that you consider the information of interest, with time the technology begins to advance and we must know which are the handlings and the functions that have, to obtain excellent of results, the idea is that we know to use the technology and to become indispensable for its handling.

See you later brother, have an excellent Sunday, blessings for you and your family, greetings to all !

buen día querido amigo @amestyj feliz domingo
Si, la tecnología avanza, y debemos involúcranos en ellos, de lo contrario te quedas fuera de la actualización
Que disfrutes mucho de este hermoso día en compañía de tus seres queridos.

Hello @amestyj
The reality is that drones are being used in many areas of everyday life.
Recently I saw that here in Bogota they were being used to see the crashes from above, take some pictures and be able to quickly move the vehicles to avoid vehicle collapse.

Hello friend @josevas217, you are absolutely right the drones have become a fundamental tool in many areas, I think it is an excellent idea to use it to speed up the crashes in land traffic, this will allow not to congest the roads at the time of a collision, we all know the protocols that are handled and tends to take a while.

See you later, have an excellent Sunday !