Renewable Energy and the Future of Electric Power

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Unlike in the past when coal was the only source of energy, in recent years governments in countries have been shifting to renewable energy. From Solar, Wind, Hydropower, Geothermal, Biomass and others. Countries such as China, Germany, United States, Brazil, Japan, and India have been moving at an exceedingly fast rate to adopt renewable power. It could be easier said that we could all start using renewable energy but it isn’t really visible in a few countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Algeria and other large oil producing countries.


Climate change has been one of the major reasons why a lot of countries have been adopting renewable energy aside costs and ability to replenish itself. The effect of climate change and global warming has made a lot of natural disasters become inevitable and thanks to several agreements, the introduction of renewable energy has been accepted.

Why Renewable Energy Source may differ in countries

For countries like Venezuela which has enough water, it wouldn’t be doubtful if they depend on hydropower for electricity. Due to climate and environmental conditions, sources of renewable energy will differ. In countries close to the desert, it is advisable to harness the energy from the sun for power and this will also require a large storage in case of days where there are storms. In regions with enough water, hydropower could be harnessed. Countries where there are always wind could use Wind Turbines to generate energy. A country like Norway will utilize hydro power for energy production due to the abundance of water. A lot of countries use hydroelectricity but what do the country depend on in time of draught. Countries might have to use two renewable energy sources to produce energy.

When do we hit a complete use of renewable energy?

It will be very difficult to say a particular date as a lot of countries still depend on fossil fuel for energy and most oil producing countries will not want to lose on the black gold being a major source of energy but also with the rate of mass adoption, we could say that in the year 2050, we should have gotten about ¾ of the world’s nations to start using renewable energy.


How do we store the energy in cases of when the sources of renewable energy are disrupted?

Elon Musk have proven to be a man of his word as he installed a lithium battery plant in Australia to keep the energy harnessed from renewable energy. The Tesla battery system can store 129 megawatt hours from wind turbine which can satisfy the needs of 30,000 homes. A battery to keep the energy is what is needed in cases when the energy sources are affected and energy cannot be harnessed.


The world is drawing to a point where renewable energy will be something we use regularly but do you think we can get the world to use renewable energy to generate uninterrupted power supply in 2050?


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Dear @ajewa: I think that its we will find a way to have renewable energy and efficient by 2050, and I am sure that an important leap in quantum to renewable energy for that date

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In my opinion majority of the third world countries intend to adopt renewable energy but their country economic conditions, lack of resources are the big hurdle in this regard. Anyway nice article. We are looking for people like you in our community.

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Hi @ajewa

I am one of those who believe in alternative energy, in fact whenever I can I am a promoter of that in the university, I think that each country has its own experiences to produce alternative electric energy.

Thank you for mentioning my country Venezuela and what you say about Venezuela is true, in our country we have a way to take advantage of the production of electric energy by hydroelectric power.
But even though we have that possibility, I am sorry to say that communists who are in government do not do anything to improve the hydroelectric infrastructure.

You can believe that in the area where I live we sometimes only have electricity for 8 or 10 hours a day.

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