The Hive community is in mourning. Farewell @lizziesworld!

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It is with great sadness that we learned on Sunday that one of our beloved Hive community members @lizziesworld passed away.

She was the mother of another member of our community, @jaynie who made a beautiful tribute to her mother

@lizziesworld enchanted our blockchain for several years with more than 1100 posts, sharing with us her passion for gardening nearly every day.

In memoriam

I (@arcange) got informed of @lizziesworld death by @brittandjosie and @wesphilbin. They both kindly asked me to create a very personal HiveBuzz badge in memory of their friend, as we did one year ago for our missing friend @wolfhart.

It is an honor for me to be able to pay tribute to those who are dear to us and to be able to strengthen this spirit of community which unites us all. So, here it is on @lizziesworld's board:

This is my small contribution to @lizziesworld, @jaynie and her family. I hope they will appreciate this initiative and will find some comfort in going through these difficult times.

As any information in the blockchain, @lizziesworld will stay in our minds and in our hearts... forever!

Farewell Elizabeth! Enjoy your dance with the angels.


Thank you SO VERY MUCH for this @arcange and also to @brittandjosie & @wesphilbin too. This brought me to endless tears this morning, but I know it would have made my mom smile from ear to ear!!!! I am eternally grateful, truly! - THANK YOU!!


I am so so sorry for you loss...I hope you and your family find comfort 😊

Hey there Jaynie please accept my condolences. I'm sorry to hear that mom passed away. My mom's second name is Elizabeth. May her soul be blessed with a better next birth, as she travels on the path toward liberation from rebirth.

Condolences to you @jaynie

My deepest condolences to you and your family. 💕


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My condolences @jaynie may she rest in peace.

Deepest condolences @jaynie , so sorry to hear about this.

It’s great loss. May god help you in your this hard time.

Peace to his soul, I send you an arm full of strength @jaynie.

She would be very happy watching her daughter and would definitely be feeling proud of you🖤

My deepest condolences for the loss of your mom. She is in best place possible for ever lasting peace, care and comfort.


Smiles are always good!! Makes people wonder what you are up to 😊

Nothing but love and positive energy your way my friend...

I am so sorry to hear this news. My heart goes out to all. I know how hard it is to lose a parent.

As always, you honor us with your continued support and positive energy. I felt it only right to request this... I was raised with kindness and manners... this is something you do for family and loved ones. Thank you @brittandjosie for agreeing to help me out with this. And thank you @arcange and everyone at @hivebuzz...

I'm glad you came to me with this thoughtful request @wesphilbin.

I was not alone my friend. Merely voicing the wishes of all of us 👍

Its a team effort @wesphilbin that’s what the terminal is a friend team

Thank you @wesphilbin - Love you to bits! !tip 1.0

Mis sentidas condolencias..

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Thank you, @wesphilbin. I'm so glad you and @brittandjosie thought of this and helped to make it happen. What a lovely tribute.

Speechless 😘

beautifull tribute

A family of 3 generations on Hive most unusual, showing spirit in acceptance of new.

Keep the garden growing @jaynie and @judethedude always remembering @lizziesworld in places she will always remain.

Lovely tribute to member who passionately shared @hivebuzz

@joanstewart what a great way that the three generations are embedded on to the blockchain forever.

How sweet of you @arcange ! this is a nice gesture.. and also a caring attention from @wesphilbin and @brittanjosie !
I'm so sorry for your loss @jaynie 😥 Sending you virtual hugs friends.png

RIP, my deep condolences

much appreciated @happyphoenix xxx !tip

Thank you!

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Condolences to everyone affected by this. Sorry for your loss.

Thanks for your kind words @lordvdr 🙏❤️

Go rest high on that mountain while you continue listening to music while gardening & planting a gorgeous pathway of flowers that lead your precious family & loved ones to where you await them with open arms when their time comes!

This is a wonderful tribute, @arcange and those of us who knew @lizziesworld definitely appreciate your doing this! She was a delightful presence here and will live on, in our hearts. Thank you! 💖

Thank you @thekittygirl

Love you!!!! !tip 1.0

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Beautiful tribute... but so sad to hear this! Condolences to @jaynie, she's sure had a tough year...


Much love @curatorcat and thank you xxx !tip

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Ohh so sorry to hear that, my condolences.

My deepest condolences to @jaynie and the whole family and friends of @lizziesworld.

This is such a great tribute @arcange and @hivebuzz.

My deepest condolences to @jaynie and family. This is a beautiful tribute, @arcange, that communities of Hive surely appreciate. Thank you for your love and support. Rest in peace, @lizziesworld.

Thanks for your kind words @silversaver888 ❤️🙏

Thank you for this wonderful tribute @arcange, @brittandjosie and @wesphilbin.

Its a small gesture in these difficult times

I would hope other's would do the same for me... and I am sure they would...✌🤘

A beautiful effort here for a wonderful lady @arcange @wesphilbin @brittandjosie.
We know that @lizziesworld is now "dancing with the angels".

To @jaynie and our @judethedude at a time like this there are no words, just silent prayers and condolences.
Another star has fallen, may she rest in peace and all strength to the family and friends.

It was a small gesture @papilloncharity

One can never do enough at a time like this my friend.
Such is life!

Well i hope it helps her and the family , and that she knows that we are all here for her

Totally agreed and you guys made a wonderful effort to help her!

Thank you @brittandjosie, @wesphilbin and @arcange. It's sad to hear that.
May her soul rest in peace.
May god bless you with more strength @jaynie.
It's really bad, but everything will soon be good!

Hoping for the best.
M. Medro

Dear @lizziesworld, may you be at peace in heaven. You will always be missed. We will all do our best to support your lovely daughter, @jaynie.

Thank you for creating this lovely tribute, @arcange. It is so sad to lose a member of the Hive family. This is a beautiful way to honor her.

Dear @jaynie. I know, no words could ever fill the emptiness you feel in losing your Mom. But please know that in your time of grief, we are thinking of you and grieving with you as well. May the 'God of all comfort, comfort you' in these times of great sorrow. 😭💔😭

Thank you @arcage for this beautiful tribute, and @brittandjosie and @wesphilbin for being thoughtful. ❤ Your kindness are a positive influence to us.

@gingbabida its a gesture but the loss is big

Yes, I agree. 😢


That's always been my intention... to share positive energy on the Blockchain. Make it more than just "somewhere you make money"...

Appreciate your reply and kind words my friend ❤️

Of course, kindness should be a top priority more than money! ❤

My deepest condolences to the family of @lizziesworld.

Thank you xxx !tip

You're welcome.

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Very sad news; my condolences. May the angels accompany her all the way.

Thank you for your kind words @kaminchan 🙏❤️



I am saddened by her demise.

Thanks for your kind words @sufyaan-duggan❤️🙏

Oh my...😢😢😢@jaynie hugssss.....

Thanks @pizzapai🙏❤️

Can I ask..... is...Liz the one that always represents hivebuzz to visit my page? And leave me a short note with liz name?

Haha if it's me, I write Liz as in Lizanomadsoul. If nothing is written it is mostly arcange or me (if I have a lazy day) 😉
Nobody else manages this account for now.
cheers, Liz

Sigh... thanks for clarification, been so sad....
Oh suddenly my Liz is back! Thank god....

My condolences to @jaynie
Its a great loss
May her soul rest in peace..
She will be still loved by her fans and love ones

Thanks for your kind words @anmolsingh3006❤️🙏

So sorry @jaynie for the loss.
Accept my condolence.
It is so heart breaking in such a time, but there some questions we cannot just ask God. May the vacuum that have been created in your heart and family be replaced.
Farewell @lizziesworld.
Take heart @jaynie.


One love!


Condolences to you @jaynie


Deepest condolences @jaynie for your mom's passing. Didn't realise she too is a hive-ian.

Thanks for your kind words @weddinggift ❤️🙏

Deepest condolences and best wishes for the future to the family🖤

Thanks @haidermehdi 🙏❤️

I just got informed via notification. I pray that she find rest wherever she is now. It's really a honour learning a badge was design in honour of her. Rest on. And thanks @hivebuzz and @arcange for the notification and honour. It shows our concern for one another


I wish you all the strength and peace that you need, in these difficult times @jaynie

Thanks for your kind words @vincentnijman 🙏❤️

Sorry to hear that @jaynie ... A hug and hope you can still feel close to your dear mother every time you need her.


Im a newbie,though i have been seeing this notification but thought it wise to click on it today.

Its a pity,@jaynie,accept my condolense and i pray the lord gives you the heart to bear the loss and grant the departed rest in his bossom

Thanks for your kind words @dlioness

Condolence to the hive community especially to @jaynie. Stay strong and like me lost my mother last March 02, 2020. I never seen and gave my personal respect because of the lockdown. @jaynie our mothers are now in the better place with no pain. May she rest in peace.

My condolences for you loss @olivia08

Thank you, @brittandjosie!
Have a nice day.

Thank you @hivebuzz and to @arcange for this great tribute.
Have a nice day everyone.

this is a beautiful blockchain way to say goodbye, this is beautiful and I know @jaynie will feel nurture with this, Britt and Wes are good souls thinking about feelings <3 great vibe.

Legends live on in their legacy of the written word and song, especially on the blockchain and in the hearts of those here on Hive who remember her.

I'm so sorry for your loss. Condolence. Stay strong. ❤️

This is so disheartened 💔. My condolences to her family and friends 🙇🏽