My collage about dark matter - LMAC - Art and Sciences - STEMSocial Special

in Let's Make a Collage8 months ago

Hello friends, wherever you are, may we always be given good health and creative ideas, on this occasion I will present my participation in the special contest Art & Science - An LMAC "Dark matter" by STEMsocial & Let's Make a Collage organized by @shaka.

This is my collage for this special week:


Image provided for the contest


All additional pictures are taken from LIL and PIXABAY

By @agmoore

23swdrsb9Va6xUUgqT5vwFzqWddqjiZBqbv1mU7Y2YmR1AnqaJw6qYNwdB1XviyvPRQ21 (1).png

By @donroberts

torch_low (1).png

By @agmoore


The shadowy suggestion of life in deep space. A bit of humor and fun in this piece. Nicely blended images.

Good luck this week!

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