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RE: The Sanatorium Movement, and a Collage for LMAC

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Hello friend, excellent review of tuberculosis disease, the scientists at that time were quite advanced since they carried out this procedure of injecting oxygen into the lungs of patients, today the natural environment helps many of the people who suffer from a disease , excellent used image of the sanatorium. Good luck in the contest.


Thank you my friend for your kind comments. Going through the history of TB was sobering, especially pictures of children emaciated by disease. I loved making the collage, though. When I do one of these, I get so involved, it feels as though I'm inside the photo :)

I am not in the competition, and probably having more fun because of that. I wish good health and peace to you and your family, my friend @cetb2008.

Hello friend, thank you blessings for you, may God fill you with great health