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RE: Analog dates and cradle cats

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Maybe they've literally spent all day playing or doing stuff with the kids around all the other nonsense that apparently desperately needs to be done to prove you're a responsible adult and are taking a quick breather to scroll through their feeds while the kids are happily preoccupied in the new environment and just don't really feel like answering the fifty millionth call for attention just in the last hour or so right then and are probably well aware that they're risking other people judging them for not wanting to spend every waking second on their kids XD


Perhaps. What is the probability? ;D

I'm inclined to say higher than you'd think, but more information would be required XD

At our gymnastics club, there are a LOT of parents who are on their phones instead of/while watching their kids. It's entirely possible they're just mindlessly scrolling through their feeds while they have a moment to do so. I know a couple of parents who do that, but both are also heavily involved in their children's lives, so while they're sitting there they're also answering emails and other messages, online shopping for stuff they or the kids need, and way too many people use Facebook to coordinate stuff (this regularly happens with the gymnastics club so someone usually has to remember to tell me about it if it's important), or reading stuff that schools have sent out about events or excursions or whatever.

As the levels get higher and the kids usually get older, some of the parents are just not in the building at all. The usual assumption seems to be that they're swanning around the shops having coffees or something, but I've spoken to a lot of the people who drop and run and they're running another child to another activity, running errands, going grocery shopping, going home to clean and do dinner, pretty much everything but swanning around the shops drinking coffee, although a couple of lucky ones occasionally have a coffee date with a friend or relative in that time or otherwise squeezing in some other form of relaxation.

And then there's people like myself and another friend who are volunteers there so we're often running around doing stuff instead of watching our kids. Better or worse because we're "there" but not really? :D Someone usually gets our attention if there is something we need to watch though XD

It is always going to be on a case by case basis and everyone will do as they do - but I see enough of it while out and about that I can't assume that it is that rare time they are using the screen as a babysitter or, the screen while with their kids or whatever. It could also depend on culture too of course, but I think it is fairly universal these days.

I also think that parents have too many activities for their kids - but that is a different post :D


Some years back I was listening to this gym parent telling me about all the activities her kids did (there were activities that started at between 5am and 7am to cram in a few hours before school, then school as they went to school, then there was after school activities literally every day and then at some point they had to have dinner and do their homework and whatever, rinse repeat).

Haven't met anyone that full on since but definitely agree there XD Though in all seriousness I think there's too much crammed into life in general which leads to lack of patience and general exhaustion but I blame "working for a living" for absolutely everything ;D