Metaverse : The evolution of Internet

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Hi everybody, I’m Rohan & in this article, we are going to see about the new evolution of the internet “The Metaverse”. The word “Meta” in Greek means “beyond“and “verse” is derived from the word universe. The Tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, Disney & Facebook are racing to build the Metaverse project. After Facebook rebranded its company as Meta the hype around Metaverse increased drastically.

What actually is the Metaverse? It is a digital world where people can socialize, play & work using digital avatars. It is a virtual world that parallels our lives in a digital world.

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So, How do you enter the Metaverse?

Digital hardware such as VR and AR glasses are used in the metaverse. VR stands for virtual reality where people wear those glasses and they can see and interact with a digital world and can escape reality.

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The Term AR stands for Augmented Reality which brings digital objects into the real world. Have you ever played Pokemon Go, It is a perfect example of an AR technology game.

Metaverse could change how we live and interact forever

During this pandemic if you were stuck far away from you family and friends how would you stay in touch ? Through texts & calls. Video call is the closest that can be today. Imagine your family playing a card game and you couldn’t participate due to isolation. Metaverse promises to bridge this gap. You can meet your family in a virtual world and can interact and even play with them.

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Some famous gaming companies such as Minecraft & Grand Theft auto have already built their own Metaverse world.


It provides a realistic experience while playing games. Instead of viewing the screen and playing games, you can actually experience it when it is played. Games such as boxing, shooting, etc.. are fun to play in the metaverse.

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Music Concerts

The future of music concerts would be in the metaverse in fact already concerts are happening in the metaverse. People can sit anywhere and wear their digital glasses and they can enter the concerts in the metaverse.

Work Business meetings can be held in the virtual world so people have the flexibility to be present anywhere and can attend the meeting as if they are really present.


Videos are easy to understand than text or images. But what if you can really touch and view those in 3D. It increases your learning performance. Imagine During your History classes instead of hearing the boring lectures about world war –II if you could actually be present there. It makes learning fun and interactive.

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Thus the Metaverse is inevitable, Instead of avoiding it try to learn and adapt quickly so you can benefit from it before the masses enter.


There are Metaverse cryptos that you can invest in early to get benefitted. Some popular cryptos such as Decentraland and SandBox are popular. American Rapper Snoop Dogg has built a mansion in Sandbox, Where he can host parties and chill out with friends. So do your own analysis in metaverse cryptos and try to invest early to get benefitted.

NFT Creator

Another huge opportunity to earn in the metaverse lies in creating or designing nfts in the metaverse. Like the real world, the metaverse also has clothes and accessories which are designed and uploaded as NFTS. You can start learning to design NFTS and sell them online in NFT Marketplaces such as to earn money.

Dark Sides of Metaverse.

Escaping Reality

The Metaverse promises to give people a second life. It is an online world where people can interact, shop, play, and party but, remember none of this is real. It makes you forget reality. It makes people forget what real care and love are. Playing football with our friends in the fields. Hanging out with our relatives, Spending time with our parents, etc… these all are basic feelings of humans which will be replaced by virtual and cartoonised characters.

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Health Issues

Instead of taking care of our real health, we tend to prioritize digital avatars more. Instead of doing workout, people tend to design avatars looking muscular which don’t provide any benefits to health and fitness.

Eye Strain

You have to wear digital glasses to stay inside the metaverse. This strains and damages your eyes. Causing headaches or eye disorders.

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Makes you Lazy

You can get fat as you stay longer in the metaverse without any physical activity. Like every technology it also has both pros and cons. It’s up to us how we handle this in an useful manner.

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Good article. To me, virutal performances are a big sell for the Metaverse. Being able to catch a game or standup routine. !hbit

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