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RE: Push start and stop the Push

in OCD2 years ago

We have currently 5 owned cars and 2 press cars and another one arriving on Sunday, if we had the room we'd have more, 3 are classics and one a 1998 Civic.


My first Honda was an 89 civic that was like rock, but looked like it was on the last legs - it still started (no engine warmer) at minus 25C. What kinds of classics do you have? One of my bothers builds custom cars (won a couple awards even) and collects classics - While I can appreciate cars, I am just not much of a car person as a buyer - likely due to finances :D

The Civic is a fantastic car, we have an ek3, and id have an FK8 tomorrow, we own a Mk2 Golf GTI 16v, Mercedes 230CE and Alfa 145 Cloverleaf. We love cars we'd have more if we had more space, your brothers cars sound awesome, thank you

I once had the opportunity to drive a type-R very hard (about 2008) and gotta say ---- I would do it again :D