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RE: Microsoft's 060606 Biometric Crypto Chip: Mark Of The Beast Or Ultimate Conspiracy Troll...?

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Bro, Bill Gates openly said that he wanna use vaccinations,"health care"
for depopulation=killing people.
What are you writing..!?
"...far removed from the hard reality those in third-world countries where the work of the Gates Foundation may have actually made huge improvement to overall quality of life?"
And you are ready to get chipped (for some cryptos)?
There are more than one way into the future, you know...
Matrix battery capsule....or better...
Avatar connected with Mother Earth? ;)


I would not normally use Snopes as a reference, but this is fitting.

“Population reduction” is NOT depopulation.

This has been one of the most commonly propagated faulty arguments in many’s cases against him, rooted in total logical fallacy.

There are many valid points to examine, were he actually to get called into trial from “crimes against humanity.” However, this is one that wouldn’t make it through the door or laughed all the way out.

Some great nuggets in that article. Thanks for sharing. 🍻

You're welcome ;)

The logical fallacy in this particular argument was clearly evident long before I ever read the Snopes article.

Like I said, I’d rarely ever reference it, however in this case, they state it well.

"Getting woke" does not entail buying into logical fallacies and cognitive bias.