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He who has the information, has the power; and as my grandmother used to say: for the money, the monkey dances. How much can we do for financial gain? In fantasy literature, some men sold their souls to the devil in order to have power and wealth. Would we be willing to sell our privacy for money? How much information do the governments, the banks, these telecommunications tycoons have about us? Apparently, in the 21st century the devils don't smell of sulfur and it seems that every soul has its price. Hugs for you, @rok-sivante.

Hmmm, I'll challenge that...

Such a perspective merely perpetuates a victim consciousness. Meanwhile, there is still a matter of free choice in how to respond. Examples:

It's no secret that by using Facebook and Google, we provide them our data for their monetization. It's not forced. It's consensual. And most do it because they feel - whether fully conscious or not - that it's a fair exchange for the value of access to their platforms. Those who have a strong ideological conflict with their model have the choice of not using them.

The prospect of a biometic crypto system - unless forced upon us, which is unlikely to happen - would be much the same. A price may be set for streaming our biometric data, to either accept or deny. Some may demonize the technology as "the mark of the beast," entrapped to their own beliefs and paranoia; others may find satisfaction in a new source of passive income derived by providing information which serves the advancement of medicine.

If either of those men have "sold their souls to the devil," I'd say it were the one who made his choice on fear and condemned the other for exercising his free choice to consciously use a technology for not only the benefit of himself, but the collective...

I like your point, buddy. I think I even share that point. However, I don't have facebook yet and going against the grain and the masses, it makes me feel good. No one knows how many inner wars we can fight in order to gain a little peace. Hugs for you ;)

It is all a matter of background. I grew up in Germany and I have never met any person who is religious, was religious or even knows anything about the Bible. 100% of my social circle are atheists and for them, the number 666 means as much as any number.

To me it is different, since I am studying numbers every day.

666 Mandatory.PNG666 Vaccination.PNG

Bro, Bill Gates openly said that he wanna use vaccinations,"health care"
for depopulation=killing people.
What are you writing..!?
"...far removed from the hard reality those in third-world countries where the work of the Gates Foundation may have actually made huge improvement to overall quality of life?"
And you are ready to get chipped (for some cryptos)?
There are more than one way into the future, you know...
Matrix battery capsule....or better...
Avatar connected with Mother Earth? ;)


I would not normally use Snopes as a reference, but this is fitting.

“Population reduction” is NOT depopulation.

This has been one of the most commonly propagated faulty arguments in many’s cases against him, rooted in total logical fallacy.

There are many valid points to examine, were he actually to get called into trial from “crimes against humanity.” However, this is one that wouldn’t make it through the door or laughed all the way out.

Some great nuggets in that article. Thanks for sharing. 🍻

You're welcome ;)

The logical fallacy in this particular argument was clearly evident long before I ever read the Snopes article.

Like I said, I’d rarely ever reference it, however in this case, they state it well.

"Getting woke" does not entail buying into logical fallacies and cognitive bias.

Neal says it with the jazz hands. WTF!?

This is really Cyberdyne in infancy.

Have you noticed that the movies from the past years are coming true? Not entirely but enough of them have been oddly keen in their foresight of society that I have taken serious notice. It feels like the more people who watch and emotionally connect to a movie and its message the more likely that concept is to become reality. people will make this shit happen because it is in their psyche. It is in their head and we are all making the world based off the images we have seen.

Or I am just a nut and took the wrong pill. Which is equally as likely.

You really can’t make this shit up and because it’s so outlandish people dismiss it as being wild theories but the tip toe towards this grows more obvious every day

The way I see it is their is enough of the masses who will go along with anything! The sheeple will always be there and go ahead if they make that choice sure

But for us who don’t want it leave me the hell alone!

How exactly are those numbers assigned? Is it chronological order? Or random? Or can you request them?

I have no idea. That would be interesting to know, however.

What a world we are now. Am still imagine the special motive this implanting of microchip in human body will serve to them. What a pity the direction the world is heading to can not be averted it can only be prospone but how long will it take to see the realization

Hahaha, that is too funny. I have some passwords for users that when they get generated they have the number 666 in them. I usually just change a digit or two. More on the off chance that they would freak out. I understand it is just random. It's the way things go.

I haven't heard abou this! This is a good one thank you for writing it. Please feel free to use the #informationwar tag and to post things like this into our IW community as well :) A lot of us there would really like to see more posts like this!

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Nothin to do with fear, but certainly not just a theory. Time will tell then

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