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RE: Health Professionals on Hive- A nice idea?

in OCD2 months ago

That would be brilliant. We could even encourage people to post other communities...use the hashtag first...whatever it is and that way we'll see the works of everyone using it.

Like you could post on stemsocial if your post is long or d buzz for a short one.

But can post be pinned on a hashtag?


Communities tend to compete with each other. The hashtag approach allows one to build across communities. So, I would start with the hashtag. is using the term "object" instead of hashtag or community. I haven't figured out what they are doing with objects.

A nice feature of Waivio is that it allows people to leave comments with their google or facebook account making it possible to draw people into a project without demanding they get a hive account first.


Wow....I think this is superb....I've watch Waiv grow to be one of the biggest assets in my wallet. If that was their strategy then it is worth emulating.

Gradually a tag like that can have token and build behind every community