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RE: G-dog gets G-Shocked - Again

in OCD7 months ago

What is it with men and their watches? I am always amazed at how big they get! Just like all that awesomeness cannot possibly fit in a small case.

I'm kidding you. There is something exciting about a watch like that, solar? Hello? There is just so much in it, you will need to carry the manual around so you don't forget what it does.

So. what do you think? I mean, it even tells time! I couldn't help but, laugh out loud at that!

Looks cool too. That has got to count for something!


What is it with men and their watches?

Tragic huh? But alas, I am one and so I partake of some watch-love in true man-style.

I've downloaded the PDF version of the manual as the original is too big...It resembles Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace.

I'm glad the (even tells the time* line got a comment or two, it was designed to do that.

Always happy to not disappoint. It was great timing where you put it in.

I'm blessed with great comedic timing. 😀

Oh, stop!! You are being too humble!! 🤣

Haha, well once you get a load of one oy my knock knock jokes you'll know that comedy isn't really my thing at all.

No way!! You are funny, that is what's so hilarious. You don't even know it.

I've been called funny before, that's true. I'm no joke teller though, I just do and say funny (read: odd) things that make people laugh from time to time.