G-dog gets G-Shocked - Again

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This story begins a long time ago in the olden days...Last year.

I was a couple months off turning fifty years old and decided to treat myself to a ninety-minute aerobatic flight in a World War Two fighter-trainer. It was set to take place in Tasmania, a small island-State of Australia across the Bass Strait to the south of the mainland - A beautiful spot of natural wonders and amazing wilderness places.

The plan was a week-long holiday: sight-seeing, hiking, food-eating and my aerobatic flight as the highlight. It wasn't going to be a cheap fiftieth birthday but it was going to be memorable and considering I could be dead at any tick of the clock I figured why not make it happen.

Everything was good to go then...Worldwide pandemic.

The trip was cancelled, as was my five week trip to Scandinavia for later that year, and the money flowed back into my bank account; no holidays and no aerobatic flight.

I was less than impressed as you might imagine.


Resistance is futile but I managed it

Around about mid year I was consoling myself by looking at watches, somewhat of a hobby of mine; collecting them. I have some legit watches but to be honest I wear the cheapest one most of the time; my Casio G-Shock Rangeman triple sensor. I love it.

Anyway, that's when I came across the Mudmaster triple sensor and fell in love. It was a love that would go unrequited however as I have a need over want buying habit so I resisted the urge to purchase it because I didn't need it. I resisted some more. And then I resisted yet again. And again and then again. A lot of resisting happened.

The death of resistance

It was a couple weeks ago when I decided that it was time for me to kick resistance squarely in the ass and simply cave in to love.

I wanted the watch; it wasn't a need at all, just a powerful want.

I justified it by telling myself it was the fiftieth birthday present I never got last year. I had the money left over from the aerobatic flight and so off I went to the store where, coincidentally, Casio was twenty five percent off.

Only...This watch was not included in the sale.

I was going to rant to them about false advertising on the (national) advertising campaign but decided to simply look elsewhere. I went online and found it at an online-only licensed Casio dealer and here's the thing...It was thirty nine percent less than recommended retail pricing. I researched to make sure the online-reseller was legit, genuine and all, and they were.

So...Resistance lost out.


The arrival and the glory of GWG-1000-1A3

My new watch arrived on Saturday and after some initial playing around I had it set up and on my wrist. It's glorious.

I knew it was going to be larger than my beloved Rangeman but I'm ok with that; it's so much cooler and whilst it has the same triple sensor capability it is much better sensor technology and it does some other cool things the Rangeman does not...It just looks and feels cooler as well.

The triple sensor aspect means it has a barometer/thermometer, altimeter and compass in-built and all data can be recorded in the watch for later reference if one needs to - like change of altitude from one point to the next or temperature variations over a given time. It does all the other stuff as well: Alarm. stop-watch, world time and also has multi-band-6 capability, terrestrial radio wave reception, which automatically adjusts the time perfectly. OK, that feature doesn't work in Australia yet just Japan, North America, UK, Europe and China, but who cares right? I have it y'all!

There's also features like solar power which will power the watch for up to six months without charge, water-resistance to 20 BAR, automatic light-on when it's tilted to the face at 40 degrees when dark enough and a cool function that moves all the hands to the 2-position to get them out of the way of the digital screen for easier reading.

The watches' movement is shock and vibration resistant due to gel insulation around the module and mud resistance is provided by an ingenious gasket system. The image below, borrowed from the Casio Mudmaster website, demonstrates it.



It tells the time too

The watch comes with an extensive owners manual and I'll be honest and say that reading it is an absolute must.

This is not the sort of watch you can fumble your way through - It's complicated and to get the best from it one must read the book and know what buttons to press and when. Even the screw-out crown has purpose, changing set values and all. The watch is highly customisable and to get the features all working together one must read the book.

I'd thought it would be the same or very similar to my Rangeman, which is complicated enough, but it is not. So, a word to the wise, read the book and if you want a simple watch the Mudmaster is not the watch for you.


This watch is designed for people who work or play hard and in harsh environments and who need a watch that will stand up to the rigors of such places and treatment. I will use the triple sensor aspect of this watch from time to time as I do the things I do and will take it to the places it's built for and will expect no less than flawless operation, longevity and reliability. That's what I paid for.

So there you have it folks, proof that my need over want buying ethos is breakable and a man can love a watch. [Ok, we all knew this already I think.]

I saved $510AUD by purchasing it online and feel I secured a great product for a great price. This is my fiftieth birthday gift, albeit a year and a half late, and in truth is far cheaper than what that trip to Tasmania was going to cost, and I'm pretty content.

I like my new watch and will wear it with great satisfaction knowing I worked hard for it, thought it through, made a sensible purchase and that it will be with me for a long time...

...Ok, I'm also going to say it...It's sexy y'all! You don't have to agree.

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All of these images are mine except the screen capture as referenced


”It tells time too” made me crack up with that comment. The fact that it has a solar panel that can charge it up to 6 month is pretty darn cool. Since you’re living in Australia you’ll never have to worry about batteries.

I was never a fan of watches, but the interest is slowly creeping in. Women shop expensive bags so what can we do ?

In the end I guess it comes down to interest. That fact that you didn’t give in to your want right away and waited probably just makes it even more worth while.

Sometimes you need to let go and enjoy a little bit, it’s well deserved .

Haha, yeah I thought I'd better add that in in case someone thought it was totally useless for time telling. :)

I held off for over a year and I think that's long enough to make an informed decision. I work hard, have done so my whole life, so think I have the right to buy a thing or two after deliberating for 15 months over it. I'm really happy with this watch and if it ever fails as a watch I can use it to hammer nails or something like that - It's tough.

I like the fact that the face is recessed and is not the first surface that the <insert name of every abrasive surface you can imagine> will rub up against.

Almost every watch I buy gets scratched within the first week. It doesn't matter if the face is mineral, sapphire, rare crystal, plastic etc etc. I WILL manage to drag my wrist through the corresponding kryptonite.

The more expensive the watch - the faster I will do it.

Back in the day, I had a couple of cheap swatch watches. The one accessory you could get for them was the swatch guard. It was ugly, but it protected the face ... Well... in one smooth motion, while doing something under a car while on asphalt, I scraped hard enough to remove the guard and scratch the face in one swipe of my arm. :-)

My time record is .... Buy watch at store in mall (put it on) ... exit store, buy an espresso, exit mall, head to car, drop lid from espresso and wind carries it under car. Reach under car to grab espresso, scrape watch on underside of car while retrieving the lid. Swear the whole way home.

So .... as mentioned above ... my favourite feature about your new watch is that the face is recessed. But all of the other extremely cool features are nice too. ;-)

Haha, the time record part cracked me up. I know people who have the same affliction and there's actually a name for it. Watchscratcherism. The medical researchers are still seeking a cure under the guidance of the World Health Organisation and charities fund the effort, and their own pockets of course. 1% of funding goes to the research and the rest to junkets, prestige vehicles and refurbishment of corporate offices.

You'd have to try pretty hard to scratch this watch face but I guess it's possible. They use a combination of crystallised angel tears and and space diamonds from Uranus to create the surface and its as tough. It would be good for phone screens too but the phone manufacturers don't user it otherwise our phones would not scratch or break and that would affect their revenue.

It's a nice watch and whilst it'll get abulused over time it'll stand up to it pretty well. Even coffee cup lid under car reaching has been thought of.

I'm actually the same with sunglasses. If I buy a pair of <$20 sunnies at the gas station, they'll last me a couple of years. If I buy a nice pair anywhere above $100, they will be scratched or lost within the week.

My wife doubted me and bought me a nice pair once.

Only once

An age-old problem most have. My sunglasses are prescription, Oakley's with my bi-focal prescription lenses...Super expensive so I have to be careful with them but...You know. Lol.

What is it with men and their watches? I am always amazed at how big they get! Just like all that awesomeness cannot possibly fit in a small case.

I'm kidding you. There is something exciting about a watch like that, solar? Hello? There is just so much in it, you will need to carry the manual around so you don't forget what it does.

So. what do you think? I mean, it even tells time! I couldn't help but, laugh out loud at that!

Looks cool too. That has got to count for something!

What is it with men and their watches?

Tragic huh? But alas, I am one and so I partake of some watch-love in true man-style.

I've downloaded the PDF version of the manual as the original is too big...It resembles Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace.

I'm glad the (even tells the time* line got a comment or two, it was designed to do that.

Always happy to not disappoint. It was great timing where you put it in.

I'm blessed with great comedic timing. 😀

Oh, stop!! You are being too humble!! 🤣

Haha, well once you get a load of one oy my knock knock jokes you'll know that comedy isn't really my thing at all.

No way!! You are funny, that is what's so hilarious. You don't even know it.

I've been called funny before, that's true. I'm no joke teller though, I just do and say funny (read: odd) things that make people laugh from time to time.

If you get good use from it and love it, why not 🙌 How much are they?

RRP is $1299, I paid $789 (AUD of course).

Not bad if it lasts a lifetime. A good pocket watch in the old days wasn't cheap either...

I have my grandfather's pocket watch and am doing a post on it shortly. I also have watches that are now worth more than I paid should I choose to sell them. I prefer quality when I purchase most things and am happy to pay for something that will last as I tend not to change things over just because I want the 2.0 version which comes in blue. Although, in the case of this watch it was a want purchase, not need.

If you are going to enjoy it, there's nothing wrong with a want purchase :) I'm not saying fill the house with such things, but you didn't exactly buy this on a whim.

Yeah, I think I was responsible in the lead up to this purchase, like with all purchases I make I guess.

It is a pretty and classic watch for men.


I like this.

I do also.

Yooo that feature where the hands move out of the way for you to tell time is the shit for me....

That stuff looks like it cost a kidney. I'll keep my eyes out for fitness watches this one is super outdoorsy.

Nice buy though

I still have all seven of my kidneys still, none were reliquished for this watch.

Lol...We'll have to do a renal ultrasound to confirm that!

I'm from another planet where my species evolved to have multiple body parts. You should see how many ____ I have. They come in handy sometimes.


Didn't see that coming...I'm sure they don't too

Of course you deserve that watch;)
Sensible timely purchase indeed that suits you well!
The younger generation don't wear watches apparently. Many are baffled as to why I need a watch when I have the time on my mobile😳

I do have a thing for watches, and [whispering] clocks.
You'll feel awesome every time you look at it.

I don't always wear a watch to work due to the fact I have my phone clock but when not working I usually have a watch on. I don't like the habit of looking at my phone all the time, even for the time.

I need to have a watch ON when I'm out. I also need to have that watch OFF the minute I get home 😂

I rarely wear a watch at home also.


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Pretty Sweet and...

H U G E . . !

This is super cool. I am quite fond of watches but they look quite expensive. The design is classic. Although, recently I'm more into digital watches yet these classic-looking watches are always a blessing to the eyes. Nothing is comparable to these beauties.

It's a pretty cool watch indeed, I'm happy with it. :)

i'm not going to show this to my husband or else he will drool and then buy a new watch.


glad you got a new sexy watch LOL

Best not to show this level of sexy to him...It will almost definitely inspire a purchase.

hehehehe this post is going far far away from his spying eyes!

Lol. Poor bugger he is.

he will be if he buys that watch! LOL