How to Replace iPhone 6s LCD

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Procedure can Fix Broken LCD, Broken touch screen and ghost touch, buy as set LCD with Touchscreen combo, i recommend to buy on reliable and original product to avoid further damaged to your device.

Tools Needed

  • Tweezer
  • Screw ★ 0.8
  • Screw + 1.5
  • Plastic picks
  • Rocket Blower
  • iPhone 6s Brand new LCD


  • Fully turn off the phone.


  • Remove the two screw at the buttom (encircled) by Screw ★ 0.8 tool.


  • Remove the LCD frame carefully by plastic pick tool.


  • To Avoid any short circuit we must remove the battery it was covered with metal frame. Remove the two screw (encircled) by Screw + 1.5 tool .


  • Carefully remove the metal frame by tweezer.


  • Carefully remove the battery connector by plastic pick tool.


  • Next is the LCD Connection, remove the four screw (encircled) by Screw + 1.5 tool, then the metal cover.


  • Carefully remove the LCD TOUCH and SPEAKER and Front Camera connector by plastic pick tool.


  • Now the battery and LCD Fully removed.


  • Place the screw accordingly NOTE: do not swap or changed different screw slot, you must memorized where you take out the screw, when you bring it back, the screw must be place to where it was taken.


  • Bring the brand new LCD, we must transfer the Finger Print scanner and Home button from the old LCD, including the Front Camera and earpiece.


  • On the old LCD, remove the three screw (encircled) by Screw + 1.5 tool.


  • Remove the metal cover by Tweezer tool.


  • Carefully remove the finger print scanner and home button connector by Tweezer tool.


  • Carefully remove the finger print scanner and home button by Tweezer tool.


  • Transfer the finger print scanner and power button to the new LCD.



  • Remove the six screw of the OLD LCD Metal frame (encircled) by Screw + 1.5 tool.


  • Remove the screw on the of the OLD LCD Metal frame (encircled) by Screw + 1.5 tool.


  • Now you can remove the metal frame and transfer it later to the NEW LCD


  • On OLD LCD Remove the three screw on the top of Front Camera and Earpiece (encircled) by Screw + 1.5 tool.


  • On OLD LCD Carefully remove the front camera and earpiece by Tweezer tool.


  • Before you transfer the Front camera and earpiece make sure that it is free from dust and dirt, use the rocket blower to remove the dust.


  • Transfer the front camera and earpiece to the NEW LCD then assemble it with the metal frame.


  • You can now test the NEW LCD by connecting the connector, then put the battery back and power it on


  • If the NEW LCD and touch is working you can now assemble it back, fully turn off the phone again, remove the battery connection then start the assembly.


  • Enjoy your NEW LCD for your iPhone 6s, NOTE: the OLD LCD MUST follow the proper waste disposal.


WARNING: This is done by a technician, i am not responsible to any damage of your device if there is a hidden defect prior to the problem.

Stay Tuned


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