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RE: Everyday, everyday, e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y is a new day.

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What sorts of spells were you casting with iguana eggs i wonder...


Oh! those experiences were when I was just a daredevil child long long time ago. I did this to earn some odd money selling the Iguana eggs to one of the parish priests in my school who liked eat iguana eggs.

But as for 'sorts of spells'... if I had met you before, I would have used your groovy music to hypnotize and enchant them so they enjoyed the surgery better. :D

Hah, music is definitely magical, and soothes even the savage beast

It turns out that a famous guitarist was proposed to offer a concert in some African country, and he accepted. In time he took the plane and when it was flying over the jungle it crashed in the middle of the jungle, only the guitarist and his guitar survived.

After a while, a hungry-faced lion came up to him and then another and another. At that moment he remembered that he had read that the music calmed the animals, and very nervous he began to play a song. The lions calmed down and lay around him, and the musician calmed himself thinking that he had been saved from dying, when suddenly, out of the trees, a furious lion came out and ate the guitarist, and one of the first lions told to the other:

  • You see? I told you the deaf fucker was going to ruin our concert!

Hah, music is definitely magical, and soothes even the savage beast

Haha, yes, as long as none of these beasts is deaf. };)

Just gotta play louder.