Everyday, everyday, e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y is a new day.

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A day to learn something new. A day to revisit something old. A day to compare and contrast between the new and the old. A day to clean up the the attic of our head. A day to start watching glowing things with a new bright. A day to evaluate and appreciate the dark things as they are.

Never forget that there can be no shadows without some sort of light source which is being projected from somewhere.

There is a very specific point in the human nervous system that is famous, beyond its usefulness, for the survival and proper functioning of our body:

«-Cortile della Pigna-»

«-Ajna Chakra-»

«-C12H16N2 N,N-Dimethyltryptamine-»

«-Pineal Gland-»

"Located in the exact geometric center of the brain"

It is fascinating that the interior of the pineal gland actually has retinal tissue made up of rods and cones (photoreceptors) within its lining, just like the eye, and is also connected to the visual cortex in the brain. "The retinal photoreceptors are strongly similar to the cells of the pineal gland." The pineal gland even contains vitreous fluid within itself, just like an eye. - Dr. David Klein.

Curious factoid:

The first thing that catches the attention of this part of the human being is that it seems to break that symmetry present in us from head to toe.

Since we are basically divided in two and inside our skull: we have two cerebral hemispheres, two cerebellar hemispheres, two tonsils, two hippocampi, two temporal lobes, etc.

Just as we also have two eyes, two nostrils, two ears, two arms, and so on... In the human being, the pineal gland is an unique body located in the mere center of the middle of the brain, as we can see in the attached gif animation at the beginning of this post. A spherical body with some sort of pinecone shape, of about 10 mm in diameter and 150 grams in weight.

This tiny gland, although it also intervenes in functions of regulation of the hormonal secretion of the pituitary gland, the main task of the pineal gland (or at least the one that has gained the most attention) is to secrete the famous hormone melatonin, a hormone that participates in multiple organic functions, among them, the regulation of sleep and wake cycles, known as circadian cycles, through the regulation of our "biological clock". I wonder if blockchain bloggers knew they have a biological clock?

To perform this function, the pineal gland needs to "capture" in what time of the day we are. Roughly, it needs to distinguish between light and dark hours to regulate hormone secretion. How do this gland accomplish this? Well, while maintaining connections with the visual pathways.

One of the most prominent symptoms of pineal gland dysfunction is a change in circadian rhythms. This might mean sleeping too much or too little, also feeling active and restless in the middle of the night, or feeling sleepy at unusual times.


"hidroxindol O-metiltransferasa"

This enzyme is necessary for the catalysis of the famous melatonin and its activity is controlled by ambient light. In other words and specifically, the presence of ambient light tends to suppress its activity while the presence of darkness tends to increases it. Yeah, be patient! we are already getting to the whole point of this post. Can't you wait until the epilogue?

The whole point of this post, in principle, was going to deal entirely about something absolutely different from what you have read so far. But in the measure as I was getting excited about what I was writing. In the measure as I was progressing through my circadian cycle. And insofar as I was in my way to penetrate into the twilight zone of the day due the entire time that took me write and format this whole odd essay. The darkness and lack of sunlight came to hit me. Snapily as usual.

And suddenly, a new torrent of my natural N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) flooded me. Making me lose track of what I originally had the intention to write about. Yeah! shit like that happens. Very often, you know?

So, to conclude this involuntary raving rampage. Let's finnish this article with three main thoughts:

  1. Night owls, like most of us here in the blockchain, seemingly are way more awake than the rest of the mortals out there.

  2. If being more awake also means being more conscious, coherent and eloquent by functioning and working mainly throughout the entire night surrounded by the darkness and without sun light. I'm guilty!

  3. And last but not least. For everything already mentioned above. It is that it still does not permeate fully into my head, that beings with three so advanced eyes are always refusing to READ a darn post from top to bottom. I dunno, perhaps I'm always too willing to learn something new EVERYDAY. Perhaps, I'm always on an overdose of natural DMT.

«-Consciousness - Awareness-»

Oh yeah! my circadian rhythm and biological clock is wrecked beyond repair.

Yup! a recurrent picture and main subject throughout my account, posts and content creation.

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Really interesting informations about the pineal gland. Thank you!

Thank you! glad you like it. :)

Now go and tell to our mutual good friend @tarazkp about his circadian cycles and biological clock. Hahahaha };)

Hhahahhaha. He is already smart enough to know it already, I am so sure of that!

Really? How many Pineal Glands do you reckon he has? :D

Haha. I reckon that even if it is only one, he uses it at the maximum capacity. Like all intelligent people do

Uhm, I guess I will have to agree with this one. LoL


Lizards have a photoreceptor cell on the top of their heads related to the pineal gland and hose rods and cones you were talking about. I believe it is thought to be a way for them to regulate their circadian rhythm. If you look very closely at the top of an iguanas head you will notice a dull and slightly translucent scale on their skin. That's the parietal eye.

Yep! exactly, that's true. It should be noted that in some fishes and a lot of reptiles, amphibians and some birds, the pineal body is a formation that integrates, in addition to a simple gland, also includes photoreceptor organs whose fibers "flow" into the upper part of the skull. Like by instance, the snakes.

If you look very closely at the top of an iguanas head you will notice a dull and slightly translucent scale on their skin.

Yeah, I already knew this pretty well. We often used a small hood to cover the iguanas' heads and keep them still, while we hunted them alive and we had to submit them through some kinda rudimentary surgery to extract & remove her eggs and re-sew them again to free them alive later.

As a curious note. Due to these specific photoreceptor organs whose fibers "flow" into the upper part of the skull. That's why you can see so many alligators, crocodiles and large lizards sometimes all too often absolutely still, hunting flies and other insects (even birds) while they nap with their mouths open as if they were dead.

What sorts of spells were you casting with iguana eggs i wonder...

Oh! those experiences were when I was just a daredevil child long long time ago. I did this to earn some odd money selling the Iguana eggs to one of the parish priests in my school who liked eat iguana eggs.

But as for 'sorts of spells'... if I had met you before, I would have used your groovy music to hypnotize and enchant them so they enjoyed the surgery better. :D

Hah, music is definitely magical, and soothes even the savage beast

It turns out that a famous guitarist was proposed to offer a concert in some African country, and he accepted. In time he took the plane and when it was flying over the jungle it crashed in the middle of the jungle, only the guitarist and his guitar survived.

After a while, a hungry-faced lion came up to him and then another and another. At that moment he remembered that he had read that the music calmed the animals, and very nervous he began to play a song. The lions calmed down and lay around him, and the musician calmed himself thinking that he had been saved from dying, when suddenly, out of the trees, a furious lion came out and ate the guitarist, and one of the first lions told to the other:

  • You see? I told you the deaf fucker was going to ruin our concert!

Hah, music is definitely magical, and soothes even the savage beast

Haha, yes, as long as none of these beasts is deaf. };)

Just gotta play louder.